Chenglan railway section Chengchuan highest bridge completed in the main – Beijing new network in Songpan in November 11, (Cheng Lan) 11, reporters from the China twenty-five Railway Construction Bureau Group was informed that the group completed the original casting Ba sub Minjiang Lane Bridge Pier No. 3, marking the Chengdu road into lantie Chuanzhusi section the highest elevation of the bridge body successfully completed. It is understood that the Chenglan railway starts from an altitude of about 500 meters in Chengdu, climbs to an altitude of more than 3000 of the grasslands of Songpan, all the way westbound to Lanzhou. After completion, Chengdu to Songpan only two hours. The picture shows the builders are completing the bridge pier 3. Cheng Lan photo Chenglan Railway Sub Minjiang Ba lane bridge is located in Aba Prefecture in Sichuan Province, consists of 2 sets of 73 piers, a total length of 2449 meters. The bridge has four notable features: one is the bridge is located in the Red Army Long March through Songpan grassland area, nearly 3000 meters above sea level, alpine climate, be the most changeful; two is complex topography, five span bridge across the Minjiang River, cross the same river up to three; from three Tibetan and Hui highly populated through the village, big construction disturbance; four is the highest pier 28 meters, is the tallest pier area of 2800 meters above the altitude of the railway workers in the plateau area, the pier need to stay up empty handed down for three to four times. Chinese railway twenty-five bureau group company according to the characteristics of bridge builders launched construction and has overcome the difficulties such as alpine, harsh climate. After nearly three years of hard work and scientific and technological research, safety, quality, completed the construction of the bridge ahead of schedule. (end)相关的主题文章: