Xiang industry investment rights to no avail of control in the absence of God opened shares hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my / reporter Wu Qiyue, editor Qiu Jiang once again suspended the two and a half months after you finally, God opened shares resume trading, but the ultimate ownership of corporate control rights remain a mystery. The company said the latest, after careful judgment, the company finds that the investment is no longer the controlling shareholder of the company, while the company has no actual controller. Looking back, the shares of God and its controlling shareholder stake in the past year to change the interests of a very complex. In September 2015, God opened shares natural person shareholder Gu is 7 people and industry investments signed the equity transfer agreement, the natural person will hold its 8.073% of the total equity transfer to industry investments; at the same time, Gu Zheng et al. 15% of the voting rights entrusted to the industry equity investments. Subsequently, the industry to further increase investment stake in the company, and ultimately to have a stake of 28.08% stake in the company to become the controlling shareholder of the company, LITE-ON has become the actual controller of the company. June 2016, the aforementioned 15% shares corresponding to the termination of voting rights. At the same time, Gu is the shareholders 15% equity transfer to Ningbo huijia. But as of now, the transfer of shares not completed the transfer of registration procedures. A few days later, for the lifting of the voting trust agreement, industry investments to the court proceedings, the agreement requires judgment invalid. But by September, industry investment and Cheung proposed withdrawal of the application to the court. The application was granted in October 11th, that is, Gu Zheng, who can exercise the right to vote on the basis of the number of shares registered in the register of shareholders. On the other hand, the former parent company Kuailu investment industry Xiang group and grand assets signed the agreement, Yexiang 100% equity investment assets are transferred to the emperor, and has completed the change of business registration. Junlong assets to the controlling shareholder and actual controller is king A Bing. And God opened shares suspended because of this, and then the actual controller is expected to change. At the end of September, Andrew industry investment proposal to convene an extraordinary general meeting, the board of directors election proposal review. Andrew Hu Jianglin, the election industry investment proposal Shao Jianping as God opened shares director, Shao Jianping is the president of the grand assets. October 11th, the opening of the shares held by the board of directors rejected the proposal to invest in the industry to convene an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. The emperor intends to borrow the equity assets of the transferee in the future and God opened shares, or will help the company platform of integration of high-quality assets, but apparently this temporarily lost hope. The shareholding ratio of the new display industry, Cheung holds a 13.07% equity investment, natural person shareholder shareholding ratio is, Gu Li Fangying, Wang Xiang Wei, Yuan Jianxin, Gao Xiang, Wang Binjie and Zhao Shurong were 7.79%, 7.29%, 6.2%, 5.86%, 1.26%, 0.8%, 0.7%, Chongqing International Trust and non structured No. 3, fortune trust brilliant 41 No. 0.91%, were holding 1.54%. Among them, Li Fangying and the relationship between husband and wife, and the relationship between the father and son of the Department of, Wang Xiangwei and. In addition to the aforementioned circumstances相关的主题文章: