"China film exhibition 2016" will present 11 international winners – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong, September 26 (Yinta Shizuko Kangle) by the Hongkong SAR government and Cultural Services Department (Kang Leshu) and the Southern China film workers association jointly organized the "Chinese film exhibition 2016" in 26 in Hongkong Great Hall of the opening. The film show will be presented in 11 international award-winning works, I hope the audience can understand and understand the development process of Chinese film. The festival for Ms. Lin Yunhua said, is to "review" the International Film Festival award-winning works as the theme, is because the development of more and more China film with international standards. Especially since the last century since 80s, China films have been developed rapidly, and to go abroad. So this is the 11 film, the fifth generation director (referring to 80s graduated from Beijing Film Academy) works, let the audience in the works I can review and understand the historical development of Chinese film. According to Lin Yunhua introduction, the selection of the 11 films are different from the director, tells the story of different types, different themes. However, they represent a milestone in the mainland’s reform and opening up to the world. In order to create a better atmosphere, showing the most film exhibition this year will work especially with the film film, the film at the time of the appearance of reduction. The film show "the mountain dog" was directed by Huo Jianqi as the opening film. Ms. Lin said, this nearly 20 years of classic film, tells the story of a hidden father and son. So far this topic is not outdated, and very meaningful." China Film Foundation Chairman Zhang Pimin speech said, "this year’s 11 film is a review of the China film since the reform and opening up, hoping to let the love and care of the mainland film festival audience, a deeper understanding of the development of China film." He also pointed out that over the years, the China Film Exhibition in the Hongkong SAR government and the support of the parties, the growing influence of the national culture to become an important platform to strengthen exchanges between the two films. Hope that the Chinese film in the joint efforts of both sides, to a new level. China Film Exhibition 2016 will be held in Hongkong from September 26th to October 23rd. The movie will also include Wu Tianming’s "old well", Kaige Chen’s "king of the children", Zhang Yimou’s "the story of Qiu Ju" 11 international award-winning works. (end)相关的主题文章: