China Telecom G20 communications security summit documentary — communication channel — Millennium ancient, West Lake, since the founding of the most important diplomatic G20 home court summit in Hangzhou successfully concluded. Few people know that behind this event, there is a very strong communications network and a group of unknown people in support of the summit during the command, transportation, security, media, mission smooth operation. This reporter recently through in-depth interviews with seven days, this piece of fabric closely approached the network, approached this group of lovable people telecom. After in-depth understanding, the reporter found that, with the G20 summit in Hangzhou is the most similar to our home diplomacy, the security has also achieved a historic breakthrough in China in many aspects of communication security, it is worth bearing in mind. China Telecom Group Chairman Yang Jie (front row right two) in Zhejiang, China Telecom, general manager of the company, Han Zhencong (front left two), accompanied by inspection and guidance G20 summit communications security work. (Photo by Liu Huanping) the largest gathering of 11:57 in September 4th, G20 summit opening hours and the main venue of the G20 only is Hangzhou Telecom Building 30 floor, China Telecom G20 summit communications security joint command, general manager of China Telecom group company Yang Xiaowei was sitting in this town, China Telecom Zhejiang branch and Hangzhou branch of the relevant high-level full scene. On the big screen, G20 communications security command system specially developed, clear network operation all summit related elements. At this point, the big screen shows that there are 2139 people in the core area of China Telecom to participate in the protection of the summit, the alarm number is 0, the network running smoothly. This is the second time because Yang Xiaowei G20 communications security to Hangzhou special supervision. Earlier, Yang Jie, chairman of China Telecom, deputy general manager of, Gao Tongqing, and Hangzhou went to to check the protection of G20. China Telecom group for G20 communications security so seriously, because this is the most important since the founding of China’s home court, must not be lost, but also because during this summit, China Telecom has undertaken the absolute main communications security, responsibility. In view of the reasons for the confidentiality of the early, very few people know that the main venue of the cable network G20 are China Telecom, in addition to the construction of the vast majority of China Telecom WiFi network, while doing a good job of mobile communications support. China Telecom to set up 5 rooms in the main venue. This time the responsibility of communication security work, the workload is evident. In order to complete this glorious and arduous task, China Telecom under the guidance of the Ministry of industry, the Provincial Communications Authority, the power of the whole group gathered, the scale of cooperation has never been large. As early as May 2015, China Telecom launched the G20 communications security preparations in the group level set up a leading group and the working group on the summit, the overall coordination, and special funding. So far, China Telecom G20 summit communications security has invested more than 1 billion yuan. Summit communications security work is not only the protection of communications in Zhejiang, but the whole network security." Along with the summit security team leader Sun Kangmin this sentence is the whole group of China Telecom相关的主题文章: