China Unicom and Baidu depth cooperation, in addition to maps and other services as well as artificial intelligence Phoenix Technology News November 2nd news, China Unicom and Baidu signed a strategic cooperation agreement this afternoon. China Unicom will be in the phone Baidu, Baidu Nuomi, Baidu maps, degrees and other projects with Baidu depth cooperation, cooperation will be the next stage of artificial intelligence. Chinese Unicom Baidu according to the agreement, the two sides will be in the premise of friendly and pragmatic and win-win cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages in the field of resources, to carry out in-depth cooperation in resource replacement, complementary technology and achievement sharing in mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, data communication, basic business etc.. Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, Baidu Inc chairman Robin Li attended the signing ceremony. Wang Xiaochu said that Baidu in search, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other technology in the leading level. Mobile phone Baidu, Baidu Nuomi, Baidu maps and other products at this stage of the business cooperation with China Unicom is becoming more and more closely, but it is worth looking forward to the next stage of bilateral cooperation, combined with the artificial intelligence technology in depth. Robin Li said that through China Unicom’s customer and user channels, our artificial intelligence technology can be convenient and efficient services to more industries and the public. The exploration of both sides, will also provide inspiration for more cross-border cooperation with the Internet industry. China Unicom will be in the phone Baidu, Baidu Nuomi, Baidu maps, degrees and other projects with Baidu depth cooperation. At the same time, China Unicom will provide Baidu IDC, ICT, terminal customization, channels and other full range of communication services and resource support. With the mobile Internet, cloud computing and big data in a wide range of different industries, different areas of application. The two sides will explore a wider range of telecommunications companies and Internet companies, deeper cooperation, through the powerful combination will form complementary advantages.相关的主题文章: