"China brand" Jinjiang winchance lift sharing wind – cultural achievements of Beijing, Beijing, Jinjiang, November 13 (Liu Zhenzhen Guo Bin) "I two years ago and the team came to Jinjiang, where the Taiwanese culture attracted me." The new Jinjiang man from Ukraine, Alice, took a Chinese name, "Qi Qi", which she would give her creative painting to Jinjiang. 13, to "let the city more quality" as the theme of the cultural industry in Jinjiang city in 2016 the week ended, "Chinese brands" based on Jinjiang Creative Industry Park, attracting many settled on both sides of the Straits Wenchuang institutions, set off the wind, promoting culture and manufacturing and tourism integration, highlighting the cultural achievements the trend of sharing. Female guests Luo Hu home will own creative woodcarving? The first exhibition in the cultural industry week, "hometown of profound culture, both in the industrial production is still in the development of culture, can reflect the artisan culture, at the same time, enterprises together but also cultivate the high-quality soil culture heritage protection." The cultural essence of heritage, and then give the mark of the times, is the mission of literary creation." Luo Hu? Said an interview with this reporter, in recent years the hometown cultural industry labor force and hair, attracted a large number of the entrepreneurs habitat here, this is one of the reasons for her homecoming first exhibition. Similarly, "80" the homecoming of young entrepreneurs Ceng Huaqing created the "Fu Guang Jia" brand, the hometown flavor laver sales to the country, he is keen to Jinjiang cultural elements into products to create souvenir, "in the cultural heritage at the same time, we should combined with fashion elements, let more cultural industries and products charm." "Gift packaging and design from the creative team in Taiwan." Ceng Huaqing believes that the government led the successful docking Taiwan cultural and creative team, and its cultural and cultural creation of the new and strange, but also will allow Jinjiang to join hands with the above wings, creating a new tourist card in Jinjiang. From the tea products to get involved in tea culture and creative industry surrounding Jinjiang guy Lin Yuanjin in the cultural week, while demonstrating tea, while about Zen, "Jinjiang culture rich and colorful, is an important part of Taiwanese culture, from industry to industry around the cultural and creative industries is an extension, optimization of industry vitality, culture let the industry foundation more profound." Many entrepreneurs in Jinjiang have attached great importance to the cultivation of culture, the government has also introduced a number of cultural support policies, to give us to create the most powerful backing." Lin Yuanjin believes that the cultural industry in Jinjiang has a good prospect. "Every year, we have to take part in the cultural show." Jinjiang citizens Zhang Pengzhi and sister groups in the cultural week harvest quite a few years, a great change in the home, the cultural atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger, we have a lot of knowledge." Jinjiang Cultural Industry Week is the third this year, the strategic goal of the Cultural Industry Week focuses on "international and innovative city construction quality", "outstanding cultural and creative city more let the theme of quality", relying on the cultural and creative park planning platform, covering cultural and creative design, animation industry, science and technology, culture, tourism the field of film and television media, a total of 23 events. At the same time, from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs, and then to the Jin Dynasty相关的主题文章: