Chinese executives detailed Beijing Tianjin Hebei cup preparatory process in Yongchang why not win the competition of Chinese reporter Jia Yanfeng reported   the first 2016 Tianjin Championship at the end of the evening of 8, Hebei Huaxia happiness, Beijing Guoan, Tianjin TEDA and Henan Jianye eventually catch on the athletic field, Hebei Hua Xia happy victory over Henan Jianye won the championship, Tianjin beat Beijing TEDA Guoan won the second runner up. This regional event is different from the general commercial event. Why do you want to hold this event? What is the significance of this event to Chinese football? 9 afternoon, the reporter interviewed Fu Qiang, general manager of China Happiness Club, he introduced the experience of the first Beijing, Tianjin and the Champions League cup. Football: what is the cause of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Cup held? What is the role of Huaxia Happiness Club? Fu Qiang: that’s an idea we’ve had since last year. We hope to participate in the occupation football at the same time, can also use their own efforts, and to promote the development of regional football, and the neighbors brothers team progress, this is also good news for the whole Chinese football. But in a period we have become, there are two reasons: first, we would like to invite to participate in the super team, but the armor, the super race is not the same, it is difficult to find a unified time; second, we are in a new army, our appeal is limited. Although the idea did not realize at the time, but we never give up, the beginning of this program was written into the annual work plan of our club, but my colleagues actively with Beijing Guoan, Tianjin TEDA made contact, we put forward the idea of Beijing Tianjin and Hebei, hope in the premise of the development of economy globalization, we can also keep up with the current situation in the development of football, with the founder of a belong to this area and create a brand events. This idea has been the national security and Taida club support and response, so we say thank you. Then is how to determine the matches and time? Our initial idea was to have four teams, is Beijing Guoan, Tianjin TEDA, and we add Shijiazhuang to Yongchang, this is not just the four super team of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region? But after the communication, Shijiazhuang Yongchang said although they are interested in, but because of the team’s performance pressure, so I’m afraid it is difficult to split, we also understand that, so we decided to invite the other team. In fact, we are going to start the season before the game, is to give the new season to do warm up, but because of the weather, only to the schedule of the season to consider. But this is also facing many difficulties, this year as the national team to play World Cup, then the game is to Guoan, TEDA game so only postponed. Finally, this time we have a few families. Then we are to determine the fourth teams, we give a number of clubs are sent to the invitation, the first and most positive response is Henan Jianye, we respond to the order, the first year to finalize the jianye. This event requires approval of China Football Association, the approval process smoothly? This.相关的主题文章: