China story of American students: feel the pace of development of Henan China Network — original title: feel the progress – Chinese footsteps – Chinese story Sam America students? Boone in Nanjing foreign language school for Chinese teaching. Anfu in Harbin Siberian Tiger Park and China tiger "intimate contact". Under the influence of Wu Yan, his brother Joshua also went to China to study, and named Wu Jiawei. The picture shows Wu Jiawei in Taiwan to study calligraphy brush. Wu Yan and Nanjing University sociology graduate students on campus. Pictures are respondents for map of the United States "one hundred thousand plan" foundation vice president Travis? He said in an interview: "the future American leaders, is likely to be a" China hand "." Amazing journey change — change rapidly makes people endless nostalgia America "foreign policy" magazine published an article on the website before, reported a Chinese study experience of students in the United States to hold Chinese attitude. Nearly 80% of the respondents said that the learning experience of life in China let them know of a modern Chinese, on the China attitude of "more aggressive" 24 year old Adam Callaghan? A town from Fayetteville city of Arkansas. In 2005, because my father works, the Adam family moved to Shenzhen Shekou, 15 year old Adam began to resist, because Chinese to him is a completely strange country. At first, Adam felt a huge cultural shock, "language, food, and even the smell is completely unknown. But the Chinese people are very friendly, I quickly adapt and integrate into the local life." Adam in Shenzhen for two years to study in 2007, when he returned home very reluctant. "I had a great time in China and I really didn’t want to leave." Back in the United States, Adam did not alienate china. "I want to know more about china." With this belief, Adam insisted on learning Chinese history, culture and language at the university. "I’m amazed at what China has achieved. I seriously study the new Chinese history, because I want to know what is the strength that China from a closed and backward country, change so upside down in the past few decades." 2012, Adam with curiosity and doubt, full of expectations and joy to return to China, opened the second trip to study in china. Once, Adam and his classmates lived in a village of Dai nationality in Yunnan. "The host family treats us as a family. Although they have almost no language, they share everything we have. It makes me feel the most simple emotional connection between the people and the race. I will never forget." Adam visited a lot of people with his problems, speak of China’s achievements today, almost everyone mentioned to me that Deng Xiaoping and reform and opening up." Let Adam feel more surprised is that he left the past 8 years, he seems to be in China in the time and space in China, but the pace of development has not stopped. After graduation, I went to Nanjing and Shanghai to work for a period of time, personally feel the rapid development of china." After returning to the United States, Adam)相关的主题文章: