Chongqing launched "you read me pay" activity   certificates in the bookstore free borrowing – Chongqing window – People’s network Chongqing launched "you read me pay" activities, the public with library card can borrow books in Xinhua Bookstore free of charge.             people’s net Chongqing 30 September (Chen Qi) "did not expect from Xinhua bookstore can also borrow books to see, it is really good."." On the 29 day, Luo Xianlei, the first reader of the book lending process in Monument for Liberation Chongqing bookstore, praised again and again. Reporters learned that the Chongqing library and Chongqing Xinhua Group Chongqing Bookstore cooperation smart reading service formally launched. All those who hold Chongqing library reader cards can borrow new books in Monument for Liberation Chongqing bookstore, enjoy the "you read, I pay" service. Readers who like to read books can choose any literature, social science or life books at least 3 copies in Chongqing bookstore, and the total price is not more than 100 yuan, so they can apply for the borrowing procedures at the bookstore counter with the reader card of Chongqing library, and borrow the books freely. By the end of the 30 day, readers will return the books directly to the library, and the Chongqing library will buy them as a new museum. On the 29 day, Luo Xianlei, the first reader in Chongqing Monument for Liberation book store, finished the borrowing procedure again and again.             Ren Jing, curator of the Chongqing library, said that the concept of "smart reading service", which emphasized "you read, I paid", was a subversive change in Chongqing’s public cultural services. The opening of such a service is mainly to save time for readers and enhance service experience. At the same time, let the book purchase link from the original librarian one-way decision, change to the reader can also participate in, the book purchasing direction and the reader’s needs more in line with. It is understood that such a model will be extended to all the city "11 free lending library", or even all of the county library, completely breaking the past only to borrow books from the library mode. In addition, when the technology upgrades to a certain level, the public can apply for the reader card through WeChat, online booking new books, and then to achieve new books. By then, the Chongqing library WeChat public number, and Xinhua Bookstore Group "read Tao network" will have similar functions. (commissioning editor: Chen Qi, Zhang?) 重庆推出“你阅读我买单”活动 凭证在书店免费借书–重庆视窗–人民网    重庆推出“你阅读我买单”活动,市民凭图书馆借书证可在新华书店免费借书。        人民网重庆9月30日电(陈琦)“没想到从新华书店也能借书看,真是太好了。”29日,在解放碑重庆书城办理完图书借阅手续的首位读者罗先磊连连称赞。   记者获悉,重庆图书馆与重庆新华集团重庆书城合作的智慧阅读服务正式上线。凡是持有重庆图书馆读者卡的市民,均可在解放碑重庆书城借阅新书,享受“你阅读,我买单”服务。   喜欢看书的读者只要在重庆书城任意挑选文学、社科或生活类书籍不超过3本,且总价不超过100元,就能凭重庆市图书馆读者证,在书店专柜办理借阅手续,把书免费借回家。等到30天借阅期满,读者把书再直接归还到图书馆,重庆图书馆就会买下这些书作为新馆藏。     29日,在解放碑重庆书城办理完借阅手续的首位读者罗先磊连连称赞。        重庆图书馆馆长任竞说,此次重图推出的“智慧阅读服务”,强调“你阅读,我买单”的理念,是重庆公共文化服务的一次颠覆性变革。开通这样一项服务,主要就是为了替读者节约时间并提升服务感受。同时,让购书这个环节从原来图书馆员单向决定,转变成读者也可以参与,图书的采购方向能和读者的需求更为吻合。   据了解,这样的模式将推广到主城所有“通借通还”的11家图书馆,甚至所有的区县图书馆,彻底打破以往只能到图书馆借书的模式。   此外,当技术升级到一定层面后,市民可以通过微信办理读者证,网上预约新书,然后实现足不出户借阅新书。届时,重庆图书馆微信公众号,和新华书店集团“阅淘网”都会有类似功能。 (责编:陈琦、张?)相关的主题文章: