College girls QQ account stolen students cheated 2000 yuan recently, the age of 20 weeks Miss Zhou told friends through QQ, if their QQ account stolen, do not be fooled. In fact, Miss Zhou No. QQ is not stolen, but last month in her school junior Miss Lee QQ stolen friends cheated 2000 yuan this, so she has a special feeling. "This money is equivalent to the cost of living a month cheated students, like this can pay so much for their friends, we should cherish." QQ cheated students cheated 2000 yuan at noon on August 7th, at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Miss Lee, a high school students to call her, asked whether the QQ number stolen? Miss Lee quickly found a log QQ, "with my net transfer to your card, then you help me with my friend to Alipay" news, has been like a virus spread in the QQ circle of friends. Miss Lee worried that someone cheated, and quickly go over all chats, more and more disturbed, some people really suffer, I also are my classmates." It is reported that the students cheated 500 Yuan Xiao Feng, she is a good friend of miss lee. There is a classmate Yang cheated 1500 yuan, Miss Li’s high school and college alumni. High school do not know each other, although the university with the school, but do not necessarily understand the side. August 8th morning, Miss Zhou Shijie and Miss Lee received a QQ information. "I used online banking transfers to your card, then you help me with your Alipay to my friend, do you think it’s OK." Miss Zhou to see information, the first reaction is QQ stolen, this is a liar in the deception, then replies: "feel shy, not easy." There’s no echo over there. The next day at 3 in the afternoon, Miss Zhou also received Miss Lee QQ information: my number was stolen yesterday, but fortunately you have not cheated." Do not be deceived by the students moved people believe me, I am very touched, they are good people. 2000 yuan is not small, equivalent to one month of their living expenses." Miss Lee said, although he has a little money, but a thought of going all out for the students, suddenly feel that they are bankrupt, but without compensation, so that the two students bear their own economic losses, they had not the heart of the threshold. Reporters learned that the two students did not miss lee finally compensation. This also makes Miss Zhou very touched, "like this, but there is no way to pay for other people, really good hearted, such a person can really be a very good friend." Lawyers say should be met before the fight to verify Fu Lingen (Chongqing Guang Jun law firm lawyers): this type of network fraud, QQ users and payment of victims should be the first time the police. In addition, encountered such incidents, should protect their own QQ and other related personal accounts, not on the unknown site login, in case of being stolen. There is, whether it is family and friends, should call or meet to verify, the account must be my account. Reporter Zhang Yue相关的主题文章: