"Home" on the road community zoned parking fees: bad car lost no matter (Figure) – Beijing parking spaces designated to the bus station recently, some friends broke the news that, in the city of Kunming Lu Jia Lu Hai Lu Aegean, community zoned parking spaces of parking fees, regardless of a few minutes to stop all charges 10 yuan, and after the charge, the damage of the vehicle lost is not responsible. Parking spaces also strange, not only to the intersection, or even to the bus station. Yesterday, Lu Jia community neighborhood committee staff told the reporter: "Lu Jia Lu Road is the whole community funded the construction of the road is the road property rights to the community, does not belong to the municipal road. Designated parking spaces to regulate parking, avoid luantingluanfang." The toll fee invoice vehicle no compensation for damage to the reporter yesterday visited found that, except for a few fork in the road, nearly 1 kilometers on both sides of Lu Jia Lu out of the parking lot with the yellow line, some are zoned to the bus station. A toll collector said that she came from the state of Kunming to work, after the introduction of parking fees charged here. This road parking, not all received 10 yuan. But within 10 minutes free of charge; 10 minutes to 2 hours to close at $5; more than 2 hours cap, a day of $10." When a car is parked, the toll collector sets a list on the windshield to start the timer. The list is written "Lu Jia Lu community vehicle covering fee", also marked the "stop notice", meaning: to regulate parking order, the community decided to charge since January 1, 2014; the fees charged for vehicle parking fee covers an area of, during the vehicle damage, loss of the owner’s responsibility, the community is not liable for. The name of the toll collector said that after the charges have a formal invoice, the invoice is covered by the family of land finance special chapter. As for why the money community does not regulate parking order community will be designated parking charges? Lu family neighborhood committee office staff, said: we stop parking spaces, in order to regulate the road parking order. Lu Jia Lu is the whole road community funded the construction of the road property rights are owned by the community all the road, the road has not been expropriated, does not belong to the municipal road." The staff said, the designated parking spaces, not as some people say a box began to charge, because of the need to hire a tube, wage costs, so we collect the corresponding costs. Charges are relatively standardized, from early to late, the maximum cap is 10 yuan." It is understood that how to position the City Road area designated parking spaces, there must be crossed, the traffic control department and other relevant departments to provide the approval report, complete formalities, price management departments will follow the procedures for examination and approval. Do you have access to the relevant legal procedures? Staff admitted that they did not handle the relevant formalities. Since it is the community’s own management, in the planning of parking spaces, may not be fully in line with the standard parking management berth, if there are irregularities, we will immediately rectification." If you can levy this land, the community also hopes to be handed out as soon as possible, to regulate the management of the relevant subjects." The staff finally said. State owned companies are not able to carry the paint bucket相关的主题文章: