The concert will continue to stop the charm of blue Note5 three new machine exposure review this year, a total of 11 Meizu released a mobile phone, opened a concert in the 8. According to the rhythm of the next at least have to have a new machine, at least gather together on average every month a new machine ah. Now, according to the national 3C Certification Center exposure information display, there are three new machines, numbers are M621M, M621Q, M682Q. Taking into account the charm of blue Note3 model for M681, so the M682 may be the charm of blue Note5 (Meizu that 4 unlucky and skip, reference Charm Blue 5). The Meizu Pro 6S national 3C Certification Center information display, three new machines to support fast charging. M621M, M621Q should be the same type of different network Standard Version, equipped with UP1220 UP0830S charger, the highest specification 12V 2A. Another suspected Charm Blue Note5 phone is equipped with UP0920 charger, the highest specification 9V 2A. In addition, Meizu also prepared a new WiFi speaker Gravity A8, should be raised by the public to raise the floating speaker Gravity upgrade. Before the Charm Blue 5 is released in order to prepare for the double 11, then the charm blue Note5 may be prepared for the double 12. Considering Meizu for Charm Blue 5 held a grand concert, and polished 6 months of Meizu Pro 6S held only a small communication, that is to say with the charm blue Note5 or Yi Xu is a concert.相关的主题文章: