Cultural relics crime increasingly intelligent occupation violence source: Legal Daily reporter reporter Zhou Xiaopeng since last year, Hebei province is located in Zunhua City, the Eastern Qing tombs of a series of two stolen. In August 21st, the Qing Dynasty took place in May this year, Zhao Xiling palace ran Logefil guardrail stigma theft case solved, stolen stigma successfully recovered, causing great concern to the community in the fight against crime relics. Journalists from today’s Hebei province in 2016 to combat crime heritage special action teleconference was informed that from now until December 31st, Hebei will launch a 4 month crackdown on Relics crime special action. Hebei Province Public Security Bureau deputy director Li Guohua told the "Legal Daily" reporter, in recent years, Hebei police have cracked the Dingzhou big cultural relics stolen, the Qing Dynasty Royal Tomb stolen Wen Xi Xianxian County case, the excavation of ancient tombs, Zhengding tower Palace of the Earth theft case, excavation of ancient tombs, Ping Ping Shan Qing Dongling Zhao Xiling in the stigma of theft a large number of major cases. The current cultural relics crime presents a professional, intelligent, violent, hidden new features, the situation is still very grim. Cultural relics crime showed a trend of occupation in January 26, 2015, the Dingzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau received the report of the local cultural relics, on the same day at 7:15, found in Dingzhou city on the west side of the South Wall Relics Gongyuan warehouse was digging a hole, after investigation, 6 pieces of cultural relics in the warehouse of the Western Han Dynasty was stolen, 4 of them as a national heritage, the other two were for the two or three countries cultural relics, historical value, great archaeological value. At the end of June, the task force in the field of the 13 suspects were all arrested, 6 stolen artifacts recovered. It is understood that, due to the high profit driven, the current situation is grim cultural relics. Li Guohua said that in recent years, Hebei related crime number is higher, especially the large number of Shijiazhuang, Handan, Baoding, Tangshan and other national and provincial cultural relic protection units of cultural relics, incidence of criminal cases is relatively concentrated. To avoid combat, premeditated gang crime relics more thorough, more detailed division of labor, theft, excavation, transportation, shelter, stolen goods through-train operations, the characteristics of obvious occupation. Dingzhou cultural relics theft case occurred, the task force investigation found at the scene, sophisticated methods of crime criminals, almost did not leave any valuable clues. Until mid June that year, the police task force to collect an important clue, a bronze in the Baoding Gaobeidian reselling, with Dingzhou cultural relics stolen case. Subsequently, the police task force as "business owners" and the cultural relics suspect contact, after repeated deal, made the suspect’s trust, and to identify the basic situation of criminal suspects. Liu Mouyong, the main suspect in the case, was sentenced to 6 years in prison for theft in 2006 for a period of 3 years. In January 2015, Liu Mouyong accidentally learned that may be in possession of precious cultural relics in Dingzhou cultural relics Gongyuan warehouse, after several times of the Capitol, Liu mustered some 3 suspects theft Dingzhou warehouse after being introduced to cultural relics, cultural relics in Shaanxi province to sell cheap. Suspected other suspects in the case in Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other places, the crime network complex. It is worth noting that electricity相关的主题文章: