Deep fried chicken wings that can play the original hammer! Sohu and a very old Shandong, but very classic, a hammer shape with chicken wrapped in bread crumbs and fried to crisp, delicious, although some trouble, but do not want to cook instant noodles on the direct trouble well, you say is not it! Look at the menu with more convenient mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code, the number of public concern WeChat I can also search for WeChat public number: "Luo Shengtang" I will release the latest recipes on the WeChat public number in the latest events and my personal micro signal: LHEROW well, we start the main material: Chicken wing accessories: bread crumbs the amount of egg a seasoning: Salt Pepper Yellow Wine grams grams grams of sesame oil amount of ginger and garlic chicken wing to put a head meat thin turn off, and then down the head down the line, preferably inside the meat over, if not turn slightly pull two knife, upside down clenched into a a mudghah, top with a hammer that is chicken bones, ginger shred onion slices, with the amount of Qing Dynasty Half an hour to get blisters ginger water remediation good chicken hammer with salt, Yellow Wine, pepper and onion ginger water evenly salted with at least half an hour after the bread crumbs down, beat the egg in a small bowl of chicken wings with spare egg, and then put into bread crumbs evenly wrapped in a pot, pour oil burn to four or five into heat, put chicken into small hammer the fire slowly fried about seven or eight minutes almost, finally put some oil a little, make the surface more crisp postscript: this dish in trouble get wings on the roots, patience, his not too hard, look back suddenly loo, directly off the bone it is not fun to do some chicken and then hammer salted, pickled directly is not easy to taste, even if you direct salt, and then roll the chicken hammer, will also run a part of taste Is. When the dishes salted material to slightly heavier, Yellow Wine, onion ginger water, pepper can not be too small, otherwise not only smell, but also may cover the smell. Onion ginger water is also very important, if you put onions ginger directly pickled, so uneven, onion ginger water is very good. Fried time to note that the oil temperature is not too high, because the chicken hammer is thick, it is not easily cooked, if the oil temperature is high, so the surface is good, but inside actually still green, so you have the oil four or five into the small fire slowly fried, so the feeling inside almost cooked up a little, fire, let the oil up to the surface deep fried cakes. I also have wings root size, the smaller, so this time I fried for reference, to even longer fried. Also note that the bread crumbs especially easy to paste, a part of the bottom of the contact is very easy to paste, so fried occasionally to the chicken hammer turn over what, don’t let a local contact the bottom of the pot, especially when the last open fire fried skin, will not stop turning or, conditional on the net, and then put them in the deep fried oil, this is not worried about the paste. Fried after the kitchen paper pad, suck!相关的主题文章: