Department of Defense: actively respond to sensitive issues related to military hot – Sohu news Beijing Shanghai in November 5,   (reporter Xu Jing) director, Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun 5, Chinese spokesman in Shanghai to attend the forum, talk about dealing with military related hot sensitive issues that in foreign news release that should change the idea, the courage to play, honest face, Shi policy co-ordination, and actively respond to concerns of the outside world. Yang Yujun said that in recent years, with the development of national defense and army building to further promote, to objectively introduce Chinese national defense policy and military construction, the Defense Department has set up a spokesman and routine release system, and makes some beneficial exploration. Some of the national security, sensitive issues are closely related to the beneficial to the people’s livelihood, "Yang Yujun said is not immune, but around the Kaner, ready, with excellent spokesman, positive energy information will spread, contribute to the authority of the influence and improve information release, effectively enhance the credibility of the cohesion of the party and the army. In his opinion, the new media era, to effectively guide public opinion effectively, needs to face the difficulties and challenges, prompt response, adhere to the "heat treatment". Yang Yujun cited an example to illustrate the point of view. November 23, 2013, China announced the establishment of the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone, triggering a strong rebound in the United States, Japan and other countries. Within 10 days of the Ministry of defense, the voice of the 5, through a variety of forms to answer dozens of Chinese and foreign reporters, effectively led the public opinion at home and abroad. This year, the U.S. warships entered the territorial waters of Xisha, Chinese too commander-in-chief of U.S. South China Sea does not belong to China, called foreign media speculation China deployment of radar and other hot sensitive issues in Nansha, the Department of defense have responded in the first time, the fastest in less than two hours. On the hot sensitive issues in case of accident, Yang Yujun said the Defense Department natural calamities and man-made misfortunes, efforts to increase information transparency, strive for the first time to verify the situation, to ensure that the information published work with higher quality and efficiency. """ is the premise; " " good " "Yang Yujun said that military action only reasonable and legitimate, reasonable, foreign affairs and information release can justifiably, convincing, spokesman for the individual, not in words how intense, is the key to occupy the legal and moral level, grasp the facts efforts to grasp the policy measure, to ensure the rational position, advantage and, according to the festival, to achieve a good guide effect. Author: Xu Hui相关的主题文章: