Deputy director of the NDRC encourage entrepreneurs cited Jewish proverb China – Beijing face failure in Beijing on 25 August, (Xia Bin) business incubator and a space in the China everywhere "flower" at the same time, there are also many "fade", the failure also appears. 25, China national development and Reform Commission deputy director Lin Nianxiu in the State Council Information Office held a press conference for entrepreneurs encouraging: the Jews have a saying, "a man must go through at least 7 failed to succeed". He pointed out that some time ago indeed appeared in Shenzhen "base" incubator collapse, Zhongguancun is also a "coffee", "entrepreneurship death list" and the heat transfer, but in his opinion, the first to face the failure problem. Nian Xiu Lin believes that the start-up of high growth and high risk accompany with the high failure rate is a common phenomenon in the world. The Chinese economy is facing downward pressure, a part of the start-up enterprises due to its anti risk ability is not strong, the business model is not mature enough, poor management and other reasons in business appear setbacks or even failure probability may increase. Behind the success of Microsoft, Alibaba and other leading companies have also experienced many failures." Lin Nian Xiu said, "hit" not only to the successful cultivation of innovative enterprises, but also cultivate more courage, experienced entrepreneurs, this is the meaning of "double". Bayashi Nanaga pointed out that the future Chinese official will accelerate the establishment of a scientific and objective statistical monitoring indicator system, construction of the "double" sentiment index model, with data to assess the overall development trend of "double". At the same time, China will continue to improve the entrepreneurial innovation policy system, especially to establish guarantee mechanism for business failure, the failure of the venture enterprise can through the normal transfer, merger, liquidation, bankruptcy and other ways to get the reasonable disposal according to law, to fully protect the interests of all relevant parties, so that entrepreneurs, employees and investors timely exit, new opportunities. "There is another important aspect, we should tolerate failure." Lin Nian Xiu think, not to fail will not be bred out more successfully, the next step is to strengthen public opinion guidance, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial environment to create failure tolerance. (end)相关的主题文章: