Ding Yu Jae Xian Knights became popular   ten big girls detonated heart — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn in heat, in addition to the main topic of # Cinderella and four knights #, derived # # topic # Ahn Jae Hyun, I speak # topics such as the same single eyelids thermal explosion network; "the history of the first love" and "2 billion luxury props", "43 seconds long aerial" plot was also many sisters talked about hot spots. Members of the knights with the more popular in Asia, bursting with her boyfriend Jung Il Woo hot in East Asia, most understand a woman’s heart Ahn Jae Hyun play in and out have become "the best husband" Lee Jung Shin, because "ten body actor boyfriend early strength…… The grand finale staged before, we may wish to follow the plot summary of the first fourteen sets and four "Cinderella Knight" memorable 100 point index "ten red face scenes". Ten "red face" the scene to save you the girl heart NO.1 "Prince squat wear slipper" naive Dan Ahn Jae Hyun episode, "her sister got into the habit of" Jiang Minxian (An Zaixian) encounter "debris flow Cinderella" Yin yuan Xia (played by Pu Sudan), in order to "celebrate", grandfather of six married, "Cinderella" quickly turned wealthy fiancee, Ahn Jae Hyun hand million won the crystal shoes, staged a "Prince squat shoes", hold the princess after Blush "seckill index". NO.2 "overbearing anti wall Dong" simple Jung Il Woo Dan Dan in Episode Two, simple wedding encounter Jiang Zhiyun (played by Jung Il Woo), Jung Il Woo misunderstanding simple "money", Yin Dan Dan Dong plain warned her away from the wall the giants, was on the spot, its boom"…… NO.3 "window holding the head and kiss" Ahn Jae Hyun three set plain simple Dan Dan to raise tuition fees into the "sky house" management heir, Ahn Jae Hyun became interested in has refused to own naive Dan, occasionally staged "Liao Mei" in the window "Dafa, holding the head and kiss" kill the vast heart of girl. NO.4 "no room with bath" Jung Il Woo plain Dan four, plain Dan needs to complete the tasks assigned by the president of the grandfather, Dan simple dogged everywhere Jung Il Woo, accidentally staged a heartbeat 100 points meet the bathroom. NO.5 "first love", "successful Dan Ahn Jae Hyun naive face aroused my interest, I refused the naive Dan, Ahn Jae Hyun to attack the naive Dan, played with simple Dan to brand shopping," in addition to the three, the rest of the picture I’m overbearing ", Ann Zaixian" buy buy buy "is known as" the history of the first love." NO.6 "national broadcast advertising" Dan Dan naive naive Ahn Jae Hyun high school graduation ceremony, instead of his family arrived at the scene is "four knights. Ahn Jae Hyun "accidentally" staged a live confession: "after I met you on all women is to interest, I do not want you and the other boys together, you and I, false love to the end, formal association." The advertisement words send Ahn Jae Hyun hot search. NO.7 "debris strange flapping men of God, Jung Il Woo Dante a simple help Yu Dan found simple mother’s necklace on the prairie, known as the" mud Cinderella "naive surprise down Dan Jung Il Woo. NO.8 "the red wine after the kiss" – Jung Il Woo and Dan play "I love you"相关的主题文章: