Dispute! Score was commuted invalid Italian media: AC Milan gained AC Milan player referees to say sina sports Juventus and AC Milan war half focus on a controversial penalty. P Janic’s goal was the referee blew, and through the playback, this may be a mistake. In the first half thirty-sixth minutes, Ewing frontcourt place kick, P Janic penalty kicks hanging in the box, the ball rebounded in the Tangnalu horse, went into the door of Milan AC. The linesman in the first time no signal, the goal was identified as effective. Juventus will be excited to celebrate after the goal, but the players in the AC Milan but around the referee to say, they think this goal should be invalid. Score was commuted to invalid Milan players believe that Juve have an offside player disrupted Donna Roumat’s judgment, if true, in accordance with the rules of this goal should be invalid. Referee Rizzoli in discussions with the linesman also made a long time after the final penalty goal invalid. Benatia is Juve players offside very puzzled and angry, the replay can be seen in the P Janic penalty kick of the moment, there is really a Juventus player in an offside position when the ball ball has a player made interference judgment action Tang Na roumat. But the offside player is Benatia, and the interference is inserted after the action of Bonui, the latter is not offside. Italy media "slow" and so on after the penalty have also said that this is a miscarriage of justice, Milan is the benefit of the party. (Jane)相关的主题文章: