Do not change the upward trend of short-term operation can not be sustained upward trend in the market today, the continuation of a strong rebound, flat open high, PPP concept continues to be strong. Afternoon gaosongzhuan, time shares and other topics fell, causing the market to passive down, late to close, finally closed at 3091.93 points, basically unchanged from yesterday, slightly higher. [SG] for consulting online consultation Chonggao down trend, obviously high profit is short-term operation can not be missing, SG for the market to grasp, is always good. [main] intelligence village meat today Shenguang main intelligence products, high profit customers suggest that formal pillars of the new material (002082) and Yang Pu medical (300030), grasp the short-term gains, pocket for security, market outlook continue to wait for the opportunity to bargain hunting. You have no [Stock] genes Niugu pillars of the new material that were officially customers in mid June, late June and mid July, 8 months late time Jiancang, the cumulative gain between 10%-20%. One plus one of [investment expert service],     Yang Pu medical prompts customers in August 26th Jiancang, today Chonggao sold nearly 7% revenue. [ ] moving round the market portfolio;   in addition, SG dynamic combination of today’s high profit products in Changbai Mountain (603099), lock the Interim Income 10%!     SG today to remind investors: Although the market down, but did not change the pattern of short-term market upside down, the theme of the concept of only profit flee, rather than escape from the main funds, more colloquially, today the main whipsaw task done. Market outlook, the market is still expected to be driven by the weight of the subject line and the impact of the year and stand firm, open up the real main wave. But in order to help investors to better grasp the main market Shenglang, specially launched the "core stock pool", the exclusive by SG research, for reference. In addition, the free clinic shares is still hot, good market, must not be wasted, pay close attention to the favorite stocks sent to you, let the elite investment have Niugu gene identification. Remember free access to stock pool clinic shares way: send SMS "SG adviser" to the 12114, or directly call the toll free hotline 400-766-7186 free consultation to sg.      相关的主题文章: