Do not respect the history of a war? "Battlefield 1" official cacology controversy "battlefield 1 (Battlefield 1)" official twitter released a few bands "(#justWWIThings is a battle of the thing)" improper Title tweets, netizens slam. The official then deleted the tweets and made a public apology. "Battlefield 1" official cacology controversial two tweets with the action figure, the first tweet the move shows the Army March, and the second is the soldiers in a bunker with a flamethrower to. The official also added some playful comments: "when your team at the stronghold", "when you feel too hot in the club." "Battlefield 1" official cacology controversy "battlefield 1" official cacology controversy "battlefield 1" official cacology controversy actually angered the game player who is "battlefield 1" official twitter "#justWWIThings", netizens think "battlefield 1" official treat this cruel historical attitude not too strict, with the scene in the game with the "#justWWIThings" is really to know that this section be inopportune or inappropriate, with tens of millions of people in the history of blood is not for fun. Some Twitter users jointly issued a condemnation, but also with the "#justWWIThings" questions, in order to express the battlefield 1 official improper tweets of protest and anger. "In the fierce battle, see your comrades die but no way #justWWIThings" "battlefield 1" official cacology controversy netizens criticized the "battlefield 1" does not respect the history, and have the #justWWIThings title "battlefield 1" official cacology controversy "battlefield 1" official cacology controversy later "battlefield 1" official twitter quickly deleted two tweets, and issued an apology: "we push forward the offensive to apologize, we intended to have a little bit of disrespect in the first World War history." "Battlefield 1" official cacology controversial foreign media Kotaku also received EA official reply, EA also made an apology on the matter: "in the past 24 hours, battlefield 1 @ twitter account published tweets caused great offence, we apologize for all this offence. These two tweets did not treat the history of World War i.. We have been trying to ensure respect for history in games and exchanges." (source: Ranger editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: