Alternative That wonderful feeling you get when you take it easy in a hot tub is because of the way your body reacts to the heat and jets of water. Our bodies are pretty fascinating, and all kinds of therapies and drugs can work. Hydrotherapy, or the therapy of water, in a home hot tub is one way to benefit our health. Hot tubs are great for those with high blood pressure (also known as hypertension). High blood pressure is customarily defined as being greater than 140/90. For those with this condition, time in a spa or hot tub is one particularly beneficial therapy as it can expedite medicines. Blood pressure is required for us to survive, and it is produced in three different ways: heart rate (how rapidly the heart is beating); how much pressure the heart is pumping against (the more relaxed blood vessels are, the easier it is to pump blood into them, the tighter they are, the harder it is); and the volume of blood in the veins and arteries. Hydrotherapy in a hot tub or spa provides relief for high blood pressure because it dilates, or opens up, blood vessels so the heart doesn’t have to pump as hard. This lowers blood pressure and it reduces the amount the heart has to work by up to 20%. Your body opens up the blood vessels because it registers that you are getting too overheated and the ones near the surface of the skin relax in an attempt to release heat. This vasodilation (opening up of blood vessels) allows oxygen to travel more easily to places where it usually does not go in large quantities. Because of the fact that oxygen is an important part of healing, hot tub hydrotherapy furthers healing. Vasodilation serves another purpose because the blood removes wastes from different parts of the body in the same way that it distributes nutrients. When it’s been a difficult workout and your muscles are bruised, it is often because there is a build up of lactic acid. The faster blood gets to the muscles to remove the lactic acid, the faster they will feel better. This also allows your muscles to relax. Don’t waste any time – finish your research on which hot tub you can afford to buy, install and operate, and enjoy the astonishing health benefits. You won’t regret your decision. NOTE: It is important to see your physician before trying any kind of treatment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: