Domestic films suffer from "IP flood disease" theme – serious convergence Beijing according to the 2016 summer is nearing the end of this year, the film battlefield is Starving people fill the land. nearly 100 films, involved in the fight, but few film fame and fortune, not a movie at the box office over 1 billion yuan, not a phenomenal blockbuster, there is only a the Ministry lifted the audience Tucao frenzy movie. This can not help but sigh: domestic films, many problems! This edition published "what made the film" series of three articles from today, from the IP adaptation, little meat actor and capital boom angle, domestic movie channel. In the domestic high-speed development of the environment, to clarify the chaos in the industry, promote the domestic movie to go on an antidote against the disease, healthy development track. Newspaper reporter Yuan Yuner IP who have the world, IP era has arrived"…… Two years ago, China film excitedly shouting. Which know this summer, double defeat accounted for domestic film "half of the country" was the IP movie at the box office and reputation. "Fengshen legend" was awarded than the "graph" was the worst, the final box office less than 300 million yuan; "2" Youth "summer has trees and hope to heaven" sounded the death knell of youth, released less than a month, in the surging bad in his line. The theme of the homogenization of serious, making IP films in crudely made, the audience was getting the equivalent of "Aipi tablets". The phenomenon of "IP + + small meat director" rampant "Fengshen legend", Xing Zhou Zhou Ji Lei began rather baffling Buddhist sutras, a way to soothe Nezha, erlangshen; evil forces war, actually flew out rows of ships; the two sides have not started, actually on the end of the movie…… The classical novel "FengShenYanYi" adapted the story of illogical, Its loopholes appeared one after another. is a major mishap, the movie, the biggest problem is the most IP film facing up to speak a good story. Film critic Han Haoyue believes that the original IP generally have more fans, adaptation of the film has a natural mass base. But movies and novels are completely different art forms, the original IP to the big screen in the process, should make the setting of the story in the movie, "after many writers get IP, think that as long as the original content of the copy to the movie on the line, the lack of deep processing, no re creation." Last year, the "IP + + small meat director" creation mode, so many investors have tasted the sweetness of the IP film, such as Wu Yifan’s "there is only one place we know," Li Yifeng "," Gardenia Luhan’s "I am" witness "return to the age of 20", have achieved good the box office. However, this year’s box office has shown that this model does not work. From a small meat starring the "I sleep in the upper brothers" "summer has trees and hope to heaven" at the box office are not satisfactory. "Pull a few small meat, a decent director, and then find the best-selling book, such a model would have tired of watching you. If we do not hugely popular works, IP will go downhill." Film critic. Because IP is not innate.相关的主题文章: