Don’t forget the heart, heart rhyme in November 16, 2016 thirty pot in the sunny morning, early winter, Chinese pottery, beautiful Jiangnan Town — dingshuzhen, ushered in the country to participate in the "first pot of Oncidium rhyme review" purple prose writers festival for thirty years, the great masters purple circles and the local government, industry leaders. Grand meeting, review the development history of 30 years of purple purple culture vivid broad feelings and literati encounter with purple wonderful story. 30 years ago, was young, full of pride after Mr Shi Juntang brokered a Mansheng and Mei tripod between literati and purple artist Songde story. Many big names such as Lu Wenfu, Ke Ling, writer Ai Xuan, Gao Xiaosheng, Guo Feng, Lin Fei, sea laugh functor, as the representative of more than 50 people gathered in Yixing; with the passage of time, the past long more mellow, often said, that not to swing, unable to restrain the emotions, like yesterday. Yixing Writers Association president Xu Feng’s words, "the review of gathering embodies the president Shi Juntang 30 years of purple feelings, a knot, Shi Juntang is the president of a people who have feelings, is a target firm person determined to engage in this activity". Witness 30 years ago this is full of passion, full of human memories: Xu Hantang, Xu Xiutang, Xu door twin masters, Yixing Ceramics Association President Mr. Shi Juntang, Mr. Wu Taichang. Activities in simple, slightly sad atmosphere. In recent years, purple is very lively, very lively, regardless of culture, art promotion, business activities, exchange of feelings, too much…… But no matter what has to grasp the essence of Yixing, do not demonize, do not follow suit. President Shi Juntang made a brief opening remarks. First, by the Yixing Municipal Propaganda Department Minister Shen Xiaohong speech, she said: we in the Tao for the media, friends, Yixing is never out of art and literature art to nourish, purple rising, purple culture has a long history to. Then the speech is the chairman of Yixing Writers Association Xu Feng, he affectionately said: Yixing development in 30 years, and is accompanied by a pot of Oncidium rhyme for 30 years, the literati and artists of the hearts of 30 years, 30 years is purple culture thriving and prosperous, purple art spark legend, productive 30 years; Yixing as a kind of art, she calls for more to participate in literature and art, should use the eight to welcome overseas Chinese Chinese writers to participate in cultural and creative Yixing Yixing literary writing, from this perspective, our road has just begun. As the dingshuzhen outside Xian, black president of Wuxi Writers Association were invited to came to the scene, and we share his name "black" the origin and home, deep feelings of purple. Xu Fujin, vice chairman of Jiangsu Writers Association, sponsors AI Xuan as the first day of purple prose recall a son-in-law, and Yixing become attached to the wonderful story, a statue of Xu Xiutang’s creation of purple monk sculpture, actually let him brood on for years. The world is not Anzhu bead jade, Yangxian Xi tou a pill soil. He spoke slowly, but filled with emotion said: go back to Yixing, arrived yesterday evening to Dingshu, Xiang you several tea, purple sand tea from the earthquake相关的主题文章: