Egypt from France to receive second ship Mistral class amphibious assault ship – Sohu Cairo 16 September, Xinhua News (reporter Zheng Kailun) 16, the Egyptian Navy officially received the purchase from France of the second ship Mistral class amphibious assault ship "Anwar Sadat?". According to Egypt’s official Middle East News Agency reported that the Egyptian delegation led by the navy commander Osama arrived in port San Nazer in western France, "Anwar? Sadat" on the rise of Egypt flag, marking the Egyptian hands from France officially received this assault ships. Earlier, the Egyptian Navy in June this year, received from France the first northwest wind class amphibious assault ship, which makes Egypt the first amphibious assault ship to the middle east. Osama in the reception ceremony that the Egyptian Navy two Mistral class amphibious assault ship, there are help to better cope with the challenges of Egypt in the Middle East, strengthened in the fight against terrorism, illegal migration, trafficking and smuggling and other aspects of the ability of egypt. Northwest wind class amphibious assault ship is the fourth generation of amphibious warships developed by france. The two "northwest wind" to sell the Egyptian French class amphibious assault ship was originally built for the Russian navy, but the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine and Western countries to Russia sanctions against France to Russia delivery, can only be sold to other countries without controversy. In recent years, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and other countries have been plunged into chaos, Egypt is also facing the pressure of anti-terrorism. Analysts believe that the two "purchased from France northwest wind class amphibious assault ship will make Egypt’s military ability to acquire distance quickly put troops, security is critical to maintaining the Red Sea and the Suez canal. Since June 2014, Cecilia became president of Egypt, the Egyptian government to implement a diversified foreign strategy, with France, Russia and other countries frequent military cooperation. It is reported that the Egyptian government is working with Russia on the purchase of northwest wind class amphibious assault ship helicopter negotiations. (end)相关的主题文章: