The eight year old asthma private car owners to send her home – Sohu news private cars do warm thing car monologue I believe most young people encounter such a situation, will also do the same thing with me. To be more considerate of others. The new culture news (reporter Wang Yue) the morning of February 2nd, the more than 80 year old Ms. Ma Changchun people call, want to thank a private car driver. The eight year old asthma attack happened in February 1st that year. "More than 5 in the evening, I went to the road nearby with his wife when shopping, it is especially cold." Ms. Ma said, probably because his wife hands pushing a small cart loaded dish, so many taxis are not stopped, seeing two or three empty passing, she became more and more worried, with the cold weather, feeling more and more uncomfortable. "I have asthma, was made, the whole people can barely stand." Ms. Ma said, his wife let her sit on the curb and then to the roadside parked a white SUV, "I want to stop him, but because the sick, can not say a word." Private car owners to send their home to Ms. Ma did not expect that, after less than a minute, SUV driver walked down to help his wife into the trunk of the trolley. "This guy is more than 30 years old, looks very spiritual. He put me to the car, let my wife sitting on the other side." Ms. Ma said in conversation she learned that the private owner surnamed Liu, is connected to the light love work near the road, we got on the bus, he hastened to call his wife, also a few minutes, his wife came out, then we put the young old two has been sent home. My home is in the dawn of the road near the couple in the net, in fact do not stop, is deliberately sent us." Ms. Ma said, along the way, Liu has asked her to take a good rest, also asked if she wanted to go to the hospital, "the car after the car is warm, my situation is much better, so I didn’t go to the hospital." After getting off, Ms. Ma’s wife wanted to give Liu car fee, Liu Wanju. "I’m not good at that time, was not able to express gratitude, I wish to thank Liu Shuosheng through the media, want to let other people learn from him." Ms. Ma said, she has recorded the license plate number of the other party, Kyrgyzstan is AQ9170. Private car owners: there were also concerns yesterday morning, the reporter contacted the new cultural liu. He said: "the old man was sick, and two elderly people are very sincere, I as a young man, had to help ah." He felt that he should do is to send him home, do not need to report or praise. In an interview, Liu said, who is pulling by the elderly ago, there was a moment of fear. "At that time certainly first hesitated, afraid of the old man is a liar, or in the car, serious illness." Liu said, he saw two old men very sincere, also let go of heart concerns, after all, the community is more than good.

八旬老人哮喘发病 私家车主送她回家-搜狐新闻  私家车做件   暖心事儿   私家车独白   我相信大多数年轻人遇到这样的情况,也都会跟我做同样的选择。   要多为他人着想。   新文化讯(记者 王跃) 2月2日一大早,80多岁的长春市民马女士打来电话,想感谢一位私家车驾驶员。   八旬老人突发哮喘   事情发生在2月1日小年那天。“晚上5点多,我跟老伴去同光路附近买东西,出来时特别冷。”马女士说,可能因为老伴手中推着一个装菜的小推车,所以很多出租车都没停,眼看两三辆空车驶过,她越来越着急,加上天气寒冷,感觉身体越来越不舒服。   “我有哮喘病,当时就犯了,整个人快站不住了。”马女士说,老伴就让她坐在马路牙子上,随后走向路边停着的一辆白色越野车,“我想拦他来着,但因为犯病,说不出来话。”   私家车主送其回家   让马女士没想到的是,过了不到一分钟,越野车司机主动走了下来,帮着老伴将手推车放到了后备箱中。   “这小伙子30多岁,长得挺精神。他把我扶到车上,让我老伴坐在另一侧。”马女士说,交谈中她得知这位私家车主姓刘,是到同光路附近接爱人下班,“我们上车后,他急忙给他媳妇打电话,也就几分钟,他媳妇就出来了,然后小伙子把我们老两口一直送回了家。我家在曙光路附近,他们两口子家在净月,其实根本就不顺道,是特意送了我们一趟。”   马女士说,一路上,小刘一直让她好好歇着,还询问她是否需要去医院,“车上比较暖和,上车后我的情况就好多了,所以没去医院。”   下车后,马女士的老伴想给小刘车费,小刘婉拒。“我当时身体不好,没能好好表示感谢,我希望通过媒体向小刘说声谢谢,也想让其他人向他学学。”马女士说,她特意记下了对方的车牌号,是吉AQ9170。   私家车主:当时也有顾虑   昨天上午,新文化记者联系上了小刘。他说:“老人当时身体不舒服,而且两位老人都特别诚恳,我作为年轻人,肯定得帮啊。”他觉得送老人回家是他应该做的,不需要报道或表扬。   在接受采访时,小刘坦言,自己在拉乘老人前,也曾有一瞬间的顾虑。“当时肯定也犹豫了,首先怕老人是骗子,或者在车上病情严重了。”小刘说,他看两位老人很诚恳,也就放下了心中的顾虑,毕竟社会上还是好人多。相关的主题文章: