Enterprise micro shop, crazy circle of friends: "murderous" assessment is purely their own business as a technology Sohu often because of dramatic changes in the sales channels and service channels, and show great difference. If you can not keep up with the pace, enterprises will likely be eliminated quickly. But if blindly based on changes in the channel and forced to launch, it may be counterproductive. At present, the most means of change, and has been accepted by one of the channels, is to survive in the circle of friends and other social tools in the micro business, micro shop, etc.. As a result, many companies began to test the water micro shop, circle of friends or build their own social electricity supplier APP. In this process, in order to attract attention and the chain reaction is rapid, and achieved certain results, become a powerful supplement, even at the expense of the interests of employees, with a crazy way of assessment of forcing employees to participate in. "Death" is crazy assessment, these enterprises have their own "". In the end, maybe it’s just the opposite. Open universal micro era enterprise running on the way according to the "China Internet association" released "2016 China Derivative Industry Development Research Report" shows that the overall size of the micro China industry reached 181 billion 950 million yuan, is expected in 2016 will reach 360 billion 730 million yuan, the growth rate of nearly 100%! Such a channel filled with gold, will naturally be jealous of the enterprise. If the previous micro business people, micro business is often part of the behavior of the people, then with the micro business, the influence of micro store expansion, the enterprise also saw the opportunity to quickly join them. In September last year, the Internet financial platform of SF’s Shun pay encourage SF internal staff through independent two-dimensional code scan code to pull the new. Beside the SF office employees, friends recommended by its "exclusive two-dimensional code scan code and download conveniently pay APP, can help the completion of performance. And as long as the successful registration and bind bank card information, the referee can obtain 10 yuan SF gold. From one perspective, this is actually the SF in active users to get a very low price for its financial platform. In the end, the activities due to refresh by WeChat screen for three days. Foxconn’s main mobile phones, digital products, such as micro business project shell mountain also with full shop system to expand the distribution network, so that internal staff to participate in the sales process. Public information, Foxconn’s total number of employees has more than 1 million 200 thousand people, of which more than 1 million employees in mainland china. The United States has also launched its social electricity supplier APP Gome +, trying to form a similar micro providers to save the current state of the United States in the electricity supplier market adverse situation. It can be said that in the "micro era" of the open road, enterprises have been or are running to join. But whether they like and expected to obtain immediate results, see their "Avatar". "Forcing people crazy assessment companies started to die although now engaged in the business of micro pattern, micro shop more and more people, but in fact, not all people love to do micro business. If the business will be linked to micro business performance and assessment, and thus related to reward punishment, it will make employees more bored. Even more serious is that if companies want to improve themselves相关的主题文章: