Every ride revision called mid autumn by up to 1 million 900 thousand the number of science and technology science and technology Sohu – Sohu Wen Cui Peng September 19th news, Didi ride today officially announced the product revision, the new passenger used routes, passengers can choose active owners; owners can set up automatic orders at the same time, the new owner of passengers mutual concern and other functions. The general manager drops ride division Huang Jieli also revealed to the media, drops across the city to ride in the past during the Mid Autumn Festival (Mid Autumn Festival Mid autumn day and the three day holiday, a total of 4 days), the number has exceeded the number of carpool travel 40 days, reached a total of 1 million 900 thousand passengers. For every ride prices of things, Huang Jieli said the original price drops relatively clear, in order to solve the owners cost, improve the owner orders intention. Huang Jieli also said the current drops to the Sohu of science and technology, still take the ride platform pumping into the way the percentage of 10%. Huang Jieli said, the future will drop to predict the owners and passengers travel routes, matching more efficient, hope to achieve 80% drops of private car owners to get his own car with out carpool with others target. According to the data given by the current drops, drops more than 80% passengers and vehicle route matching degree reached 85%, the driver detour time is not more than 10 minutes; hot line ride, such as from the court to the north, from Tongzhou to China World Trade Center, the ride route matching rate even reached 95%, the number of passengers using the ride drops exceeded 30 million people, covering the city has reached 351. The traditional situation, after the passenger ride ride drops launched travel, can only passively wait for the owner to take orders, and passengers in a new version after adding common route, you can see the passengers are looking for the owners and the owners on the way to travel, and according to the degree of Shun percent ranking, passengers can also take the initiative to apply for the owners and mutual concern. In addition, the owner can set orders, automatic orders, you can also invite colleagues, on the way to potential passengers launched the invitation, increase the turnover probability. Drip side said, according to the test data set owners automatically pick up the single function to allow owners to take orders more efficient, and a single rate is also higher, automatically pick up the main engine is a single rate of 2 times the average owner. Huang Jieli also said that by just yuho merger soon, the two sides have not discussed ride business, excellent step in China ride mode with drops is not the same, C end, but the supply side is not the same.相关的主题文章: