Experts: a new joint main season the Lakers based on its mass center Sante – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 26th, the famous American basketball expert Trevor Ryan wrote about the Lakers new season prospects were analyzed, the Yi Jianlian new season will mainly occur in the center position, while Ryan Yi Jianlian, who can shoot the three, can cut to the basket make the three killer and fast dribbling qualities, will help the Lakers based on Yi Jianlian. This summer, the Lakers signed a 1 year contract with Yi Jianlian, which includes incentives, the final total salary of the contract is expected to reach $8 million. From the previous Yi Jianlian playing in the NBA situation, he qualified on the court in the power forward position, but in recent years with the rise of the league ball tactics, Lakers coach Walton Yi Jianlian next will put more on the center position. For Yi Jianlian, his height and arm span is his advantage, more important point is that Yi Jianlian also has three point shot, this is also very consistent with the tactical requirements of Walton. Not only that, Yi Jianlian also has the impact of the basket making killing function, and if the team needs, Yi Jianlian also by dribbling and break to hit the opponent. There is no doubt that Yi Jianlian’s physical condition, as well as the diversity of technology can help him in the Lakers, especially in coach Walton’s tactical system, the need for such a big player like Yi Jianlian. And the last time playing in the NBA, now Yi Jianlian has apparently become more mature and confident, in an interview, Yi Jianlian himself also confirmed this point, in addition, his body becomes stronger, which is also conducive to him in the game as fast ship on Jordan and the pistons Drummond this inside. Of course, in terms of speed, Yi Jianlian is still inadequate, but his height and arm development conditions, may help him make up for the lack of speed. (Fu Yun)相关的主题文章: