Fake brother caught man drunk driving by motor car stopped by the police fled Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily (micro-blog) news (correspondent Lin Yijing Peng Sizhong reporter Ceng Yanyan) Wang in a drunken crazy racing, drunk driving traffic police seized by the police after the escape, escape the suspect was included in the. Yesterday, he carried his brother’s ID card ready to take the car, hoping to avoid detection through similar looks, but did not expect to be "pulling"". At noon yesterday, Wang was arrested by the police station of Quanzhou Xiamen railway station under the jurisdiction of the railway police department. 1 noon yesterday, the Quan Zhou Railway Station entrance passengers lined up a long queue, police officers are on duty Xiao Huang noticed that a more than 20 year old man is somewhat strange, every time it’s time to change, and constantly change positions with the people behind. "Only to see the queue, want to push forward, did not see this kind of desperately back row," Huang police officer observed silently, 15 minutes later, the men finally turn the front row. He was stopped by the police to check his identity card, and he reluctantly pulled out of his pocket and muttered, "my car is too late."……" Huang police carefully examined, found that the identity card photos and the presence of men’s looks and looks similar, but the photos of people aged more than 30 years old, and in front of this man judging from appearance and voice, age no more than 25 years old. What’s the ID number?" Yellow police request, man hesitated to open mouth, "350502199…… 3505021983…… Oh dear! I can’t remember will have ID number, ID number, the police comrades you don’t embarrass me, I’m in a hurry to the bus, and then delay the car and left." Two times were reported wrong identity card number, Huang police officer more sure there is tricky. Men were brought back to the police station for investigation. After investigation, the man surnamed Wang, because of suspected dangerous driving crime was wanted by the public security online. Police investigators said that the suspect Wang after a drunk to find stimulation of crazy drag racing, drunk driving was seized after the traffic police fled. Wang knew that his drunk driving behavior violated the law, the use of my ID card will be exposed when the car, so play a little smart, borrow brother’s ID card ride, want to avoid detection through similar looks. Eventually, he could not escape the sanction of law. The case has been transferred to the case filing unit for further trial. Read the full text of this paper is reproduced, does not represent the Xiamen network (micro-blog) point of view. Xiamen net (micro-blog) does not make any guarantee and commitment to the authenticity, timeliness, completeness and accuracy of its characters, pictures and other contents, as well as its right attributes, so readers and relevant parties should verify themselves. (Xiamen net (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily (micro-blog)) >

假冒兄长被戳穿 男子醉驾逃跑乘动车被民警截住厦门网(微博)-厦门日报(微博)讯(通讯员林艺静彭思中记者曾嫣艳)王某在一次酒醉后疯狂飙车,醉驾被交警查获后逃跑,被警方列入网逃嫌疑人名列。昨日,他揣着兄长的身份证准备搭动车,希望通过相似的长相躲过查验,但没想到还是被“揪”。昨日中午,王某在厦门铁路公安处管辖的泉州动车站派出所落网。昨日中午1时许,泉州站进站口旅客排成了一条长龙,正在执勤的民警小黄注意到,一名20多岁的男子有些怪异,每次快轮到时,不断与后面的人调换位置。“只有见过插队想往前挤的,没见过这种拼命往后面排的,”黄警官默不作声地观察着,15分钟后,男子终于轮到前排。被民警拦下查验身份证,他极不情愿地从口袋里掏出,嘟囔着:“我车快来不及了……”黄警官仔细查看,发现身份证上的照片和眼前的男子相貌和神态相似,但照片上的人岁数超过30岁,而眼前这名男子从长相和声音判断,年龄不超过25岁。“身份证号码多少?”黄警官要求下,男子支支吾吾开了口,“350502199……3505021983……哎呀!我一时半会记不清楚身份证号码,号码身份证上都有,警察同志你就别为难我了,我还急着赶车,再耽误车就走了。”两次都报错自己的身份证号码,黄警官更加确定有猫腻。男子被带回派出所接受调查。经查,男子姓王,因为涉嫌危险驾驶罪被公安网上通缉。办案民警介绍说,嫌疑人王某在一次酒醉后寻刺激疯狂飙车,因醉驾被交警查获后逃跑。王某深知自己的醉驾行为触犯了法律,坐车时使用本人身份证一定会被揭穿,于是耍起小聪明,借用兄长的身份证乘车,想通过相似的长相躲过查验。最终,他还是难逃法律的制裁。案件现已移交立案单位进一步审理。展开阅读全文本文系转载,不代表厦门网(微博)的观点。厦门网(微博)对其文字、图片与其他内容的真实性、及时性、完整性和准确性以及其权利属性均不作任何保证和承诺,请读者和相关方自行核实。(厦门网(微博)-厦门日报(微博))>相关的主题文章: