Families of patients respond to the "50 thousand to 300 thousand donation": no experience – the Sohu news recently, some friends broke the news, Suzhou breast cancer patients in the family easily raise 300 thousand yuan on donations, fundraisers the condition is inconsistent with the actual, the target amount is far more than the actual needs. 27, the patient’s family responded that the results of the examination after the treatment program has changed, he has revised the target amount of $50 thousand. Easy to raise the platform, said the donation was dismissed after the application, the platform had tried to contact the patient doctor. To be questioned 300 thousand fund-raising question far exceeds the required amount of initiator will target to 50 thousand and 10 on Sept. 26 at 21:10, someone broke the news on micro-blog said, Suzhou Municipal Hospital, a breast cancer patient’s family in a relaxed for donate 300 thousand, claimed to have used the family savings, the doctor said the next stage monthly medication fifty thousand or sixty thousand. Broke the news person, "that my doctor never said…… Raise funds for 300 thousand targets far beyond her treatment costs, and said the fundraiser described in the "double breast cancer" also upload and hospital materials displayed "patients with left breast, right breast disease does not match. The same day 22 points, the contents of the news after a well-known micro-blog blogger forwarded, causing widespread concern. Some people say that this behavior is naked deception, overdraft is everyone’s sympathy, there are also suspected that the hostages are not easy to verify authenticity". On the easy to raise the fundraising page, showing the fund-raising was launched on 25. 26, 2009, the sponsor will raise the amount of funds raised from the target amount of $50 thousand to modify the value of the yuan, but did not fill the reasons for the change in the amount of 300 thousand. 28, the initiator released dynamic update, explained that "the 300 thousand fill in the amount, we just do the worst," and that "one section in the hospital after the first time we changed the amount of". That family members of patients: no hospital: hospital at present fundraising experience has spent more than 1.7 yuan sponsor BYD reporter interviewed on the matter this fundraising ladies, ladies said, in October this year, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, 3 tumors, 7 days after hospitalization, surgery performed on by two. 20, after her mother was discharged, she decided to raise money for her mother. When she said that the amount of money to raise the target amount of 300 thousand yuan, because I heard that the mother of the body of the results of the examination of the third tumors are benign, can be an expensive drug to recuperate. But on the evening of 26, after slicing results came out, that the results of the examination for malignant, can not be said before the drug treatment, she will be reduced to the amount of donations to $50 thousand. When the lady said, "is because did not modify the amount of donations are we know, is the mother of colleagues and friends", and said he had not used this kind of platform fundraising experience, "in the description of figures, consider really not considerate". Suzhou Municipal Hospital of Eastern Hospital do a staff member told reporters BYD, the project to raise the public involved in the treatment of tumor patients did the hospital surgery. Currently, the total cost of hospitalization in patients with the amount of 17349.96 yuan, of which patients at their own expense of $6383.07. The working sail相关的主题文章: