Femur neck fracture is good, hip joint and ache? Sohu health live in Gansu province Huachi County 47 year old villager Zhang Yun (a pseudonym), 5 years ago, Ms. Zhang doing farm work at home, accidentally fall from a height, then felt the left hip pain, filming showed in a local hospital, left femoral neck fracture, then screw in hospital the internal fixation, postoperative wound healing, remove the left femoral neck fixation in 1 years, but 1 years ago, Ms. Zhang left hip pain, activity is restricted, because the symptoms at rest will be reduced accordingly, so there was no treatment. However, at the beginning of August this year, Ms. Zhang left hip pain gradually worsened long-term pain so that she could not endure, in claudication phenomenon, has seriously affected the daily life, realized the seriousness of the problem. In October this year, Zhang Yunlai to the Xi’an Red Cross Hospital joint surgical bone necrosis and joint reconstruction in director Xu Peng clinic, diagnosed with left femoral head necrosis, patients undergoing surgical treatment. Examination results showed that limp entered the ward, left lateral hip can be seen old scars, left groin pain on the left side of the midpoint press, greater trochanter pain and lower extremity buckle longitudinal percussion have the feeling of pain, the left hip 4 test positive. The left hip adduction and abduction and internal rotation range is limited, the left hip flexion 30° -0° -0°, right hip flexion and extension of 90° -0° -0°, lower extremity skin sensation and blood circulation good, normal toe. The results of CT showed that the left hip joint space was narrow, the articular cartilage of the hip was sclerotic, the articular surface was not smooth, the femoral head collapsed, the density was uneven, and the femoral head was deformed. Postoperative examination results showed that the Xi’an Red Cross Hospital Director Xu Peng introduction: the performance of avascular necrosis of the X-ray unit the earliest time after femoral neck fracture was 2 months, up to a maximum of 10 years. Most of the fractures occurred within 2 to 3 years. Some patients developed necrosis after several years of femoral neck fracture healing. Therefore, fracture healing is not equal to the end of treatment, 2 to 3 years after fracture should be closely observed to prevent the occurrence of osteonecrosis of the femoral head. Femoral head necrosis risk factors of femoral neck fracture: 1, fracture site: closer to the femoral neck fracture, incidence of nonunion and avascular necrosis of the femoral head is higher; 2, age: prone to nonunion in elderly patients with femoral neck fracture and femoral neck fracture in young adults to share the bone necrosis; 3, weight: early postoperation activity is a common cause of osteonecrosis of the femoral head; 4, the degree of misalignment and the quality of reduction: mild dislocation of femoral neck fracture, femoral head necrosis rate was 15.7%, moderate dislocation was 35.7%, severe reduction is 51%, better quality, lower the incidence of femoral head necrosis.相关的主题文章: