Fierce competition in the tourism market price of Chinese cabbage detonated by the end of the day to buy a ticket to buy an unprecedented fierce competition in the tourism market, the National Day golden week has not been, winter tour has started a new round of competition. Reporters from the latest route to two or three line city direct overseas routes grew 60%, ushered in the ticket price of cabbage. Guangzhou Daily reporter Quanjie   see Lin Yu, Chen Shuming correspondent reporter survey, only one month in July, the Civil Aviation Administration of Chinese approved domestic and foreign airlines 132 new routes, but whether domestic or foreign aviation enterprises, will focus on the layout of domestic such as Kunming, Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhanjiang and other two or three lines the city has accounted for over 60%. Airlines continue to seize the two or three line city direct overseas market, benefit directly or traveling public, convenient, and directly contributed to the tour prices, such as China Eastern Airlines opened Kunming to San Francisco route, Sichuan Airlines opened Chengdu to Prague direct flight line etc.. The overall price will decline outbound travel industry also said, with domestic and international enterprises in the two or three and four line city layout intensified, coupled with the original first-tier cities are constantly adjusted more models to fly, make travel agency procurement is more diversified, not to transport the products will be more and more popular and the most important is cheaper. In particular, some lines directly from the two or three line of the city, reducing the cost of travel to and from the airport in the first tier cities, the overall price will further decline in outbound travel. The tourism market in the off-season, coupled with the price of cabbage ticket, once again to stimulate people "desire to buy buy buy", especially the Thanksgiving to new year this time, is the most popular shopping promotion at the end of time for Europe and the United states. "Because of the fierce competition of businesses, many brands in November began to gradually discount in January next year, a discount is also very powerful." Nanhu International Travel Planning Promotion Center Deputy Director Ceng Dafeng told reporters. It is reported that, in order to end the shopping discount season to add power, such as the United States Department of veteran Messi shopping mall tycoon also put down an olive branch to the Chinese visitors sent the value of $888888 cash coupon. Insiders said that the huge purchasing power of Chinese tourists is an important force that can not be ignored, countries have resorted to a variety of ways to attract Chinese tourists at the end of the trip. The tourism market to launch the "fly" shopping line from the national day until next year before the Spring Festival, is the tourist season. For money and leisure to retirees and leave urgently cleared white-collar workers, the nearly 4 months of time is the best time to travel. Nanhu International Travel Planning Promotion Center Deputy Director Ceng Dafeng said, especially in the high-end hotel by Official business expenses limit, the global economy is weak, the ruble devaluation of the pound, and the two or three lines of the city to increase overseas routes, which constitute the basic elements of the outbound travel cost is greatly reduced, can be said that this year the off-season outbound prices reached a record low. Plus the end of Europe and the United States, Dubai, Japan and South Korea and other large shopping festival, is to stimulate the old exit buy buy buy desire. Reporters learned from the Beijing road travel agency street,.相关的主题文章: