Film into the era of the sequel? Industry: exposing the film circle innovation is weak – in the film market in terms of innovation is a difficult thing. Reporters yesterday from a number of theaters that a big movie sequel is coming to us, which is the most representative of the "Finch code" series of works up? The sequel to "Dante code" and "the west?" JiangMo sequel "journey to the west" demon volts?. In this regard, some netizens joked that the film is entering the era of sequels. The industry said that this exposed the embarrassment of innovation in the film circle. As "Finch code" to the sequel? Will be released simultaneously in October 28th 2016 North American annual burning brain adventure movie "Dante" password ", released yesterday, the masked mystery" trailer. As to "the Finch code"? Series sequel, "Dante code" adapted from the 2013 best-selling Dan Brown’s original novel "hell?". "Dante" tells the story around that password between virus and evil launched a contest by Tom? Hanks’s professor Landon will face the biggest crisis in the history, not only suffered a double blow amnesia and hallucinations, but also a series of mankind is threatening the lives of the puzzle waiting for him to crack. In front of step by step the end of the crisis, "academic big coffee Landon in the territory he besieged on all sides through the use of literature, Dante and extraordinary reasoning ability to change danger into safety related. Reporters learned yesterday from the film’s domestic issuers, this is full of historical flavor and exotic adventure course will give the audience a new visual experience. "The west?" demon volts will stall the Lunar New Year’s day yesterday, by Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark together to create a movie "journey to the west?" demon volts released fixed gear posters, is scheduled to be released nationwide in January 28, 2017 Lunar New Year’s day. As the 2013 Stephen Chow film "the west?" the subsequent story JiangMo, the movie "the west?" demon volts about probation period of Miss Zang kill monkey in the set, and received it as apprentice, and Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Shaseng, master line four embark on a trip to the west. Dangerous road, V phantomjiang Mo, four also had to grow and change in the process of their pilgrimage. The reporter understands, "the west?" demon volts is the Spring Festival this year. Stephen Chow directed film "Mermaid" in Tsui Hark guest after the show, the two directors again more depth cooperation. In the exposure of the cast, both Wu Yifan, Battelle, Yang Yiwei, Lin update and Wang Duo composed of mentoring combination, as well as Chen Yao, Babel, Lin Yun, Wang Likun, Mirs, strength of the actors. "A big wave struck the sequel to the movie" topic in an interview with reporters, Northwestern University film school Ph.D. professor Zhang Ali believes that this phenomenon shows that there are quite a number of people interested in the movie "look back", and "lack of courage and confidence to look forward", exposed the embarrassing film innovation fatigue reality. Reporter Ceng Shixiang相关的主题文章: