As the development of Internet plug in the wings of Jiangxi and Tencent signed a strategic agreement – Beijing, Beijing, August 26,   online shopping tickets, self-help tour scenic spots; mobile phone on the city’s parking, convenient travel wisdom government, convenient and efficient…… The wisdom of the picture is gradually into the lives of ordinary people in Jiangxi. In August 26th, the Jiangxi Provincial People’s government and the Tencent Inc signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, Luxinshe, Secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee of Jiangxi Province, acting governor Liu Qi met with the board of directors of the Tencent Inc chairman and chief executive officer Ma Huateng, and attended the signing ceremony. With the signing as a symbol, the two sides will work together to promote the "Internet plus" and various fields of Jiangxi economic and social development to create the depth of integration, new energy, Jiangxi Internet plug in the wings. Jiangxi Provincial People’s government and the Tencent Inc signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement according to the agreement, the two sides will rely on the Tencent’s overall technology and resources, to jointly promote the development of the Internet and the integration of Jiangxi Province in all areas of economic and social depth, promote industrial transformation and business model, service mode, management mode innovation, make the "Internet plus" has become an important driving force of innovation the. And as an opportunity to improve public services, especially in the field of public service government, social security, transportation, education, and for the public to provide more convenient service, the wisdom of the public, so that people can stay at home to enjoy the wisdom of city life. In addition, Tencent will jointly Jiangxi provincial government for the local Internet entrepreneurs to provide a more comprehensive entrepreneurial support, stimulate local innovation, promote the development of local industries. The Nanchang Tencent has been put into operation in the public record space has 11000 square meters of office area, attracted 35 entrepreneurial team settled, had a positive role in promoting the management work of Jiangxi. As of June 2016, the State Council approved the establishment of the Jiangxi river area (new Jin as the eighteenth "national district"), three provinces with the government intends to build an upgraded version of Tencent management demonstration park, build "three chain integration, five industry simultaneously" innovative service carrier and modern service industry agglomeration area, build benchmark management base, lead and drive of Jiangxi Province, city and county (District) public record space construction and development. Both leaders, at the same time, the two sides will also promote Jiangxi industrial transformation and upgrading, promote local enterprises to actively explore the transition to the Internet, "Internet plus" as well as the development of new industry. In order to ensure the smooth cooperation landing, the two sides will also use the Tencent in the field of Internet security core technology, big data accumulation and Internet Security open platform of industrial chain, to create a safe and integrated solutions, as Jiangxi’s "Internet plus" and the construction of smart city escort. Comprehensive cooperation in Jiangxi province and the Tencent Inc, not only to implement the "State Council on promoting" Internet plus "action guidance", and the "Internet plus government" and "Internet plus people" and actively explore the development of a Jiangxi green rise of the new road has injected new impetus for the development of the wisdom of Jiangxi the. It is understood that WeChat as the representative of Tencent mobile Internet platform, has been connected to more than 800 million mobile Internet users. More than 40% ministries, 31 provincial line.相关的主题文章: