For the first time in Tibet 70000 collections in South China Sea South China Sea cultural relics museum cast legend printed with "blue and white porcelains were Persian to remember". Wei hope for distribution map of Guangdong Province bank certificate dragon is the Hainan Hainan Daily reporter You Mengyu as the South China Sea to build the museum is an important part in the work of cultural relics, the relevant work is orderly. September 14th morning, the South China Sea, the first batch of cultural relics donated to the South China Sea Museum held a news conference held in Beijing. More than 7 pieces of Collections Donated by a number of collectors of the South China Sea Museum officially tibet. All quiet on the sea, the ship to sail turbo. The first donation of more than 7 pieces of the collection contains a variety of categories, such as ceramic, metal, etc.. This is a collection of many of its historical value, academic value and other related cultural experts have been affirmed. The endless cultural relics of the South China Sea are the core and soul of a museum, and the different positioning of each Museum has its own demand for cultural relics. Since the beginning of this year, the establishment of the National Museum of the South China Sea, according to the need to carry out the outline of the exhibition, targeted to carry out the work of cultural relics collection. Collection work is not easy, and the strong support of collectors, so that this built in the National Museum of TAM ushered in its first treasures. Turning to the original intention of donation, many collectors have talked about their own feelings of the South China sea". I hope the collectors donated the South China Sea Wei ceramic, metal, water and other collections of yellow rosewood shovel. This is printed in Persia as the record of the blue and white porcelain fragments and other collections of history, the value of research, experts affirmed. "I came to Hainan in 1998, and now I am a Hainan man. The state of the South China Sea strategy, the construction of Hainan marine province determination in the deepening blue land concept of ordinary people, but also to awaken our marine consciousness." Wei Xiwang said that when he learned that the National Museum of the South China Sea began to collect artifacts for the public, he did not hesitate to own some of the collection of the South China Sea in recent years, the collection donated. In Tibet ceremony, Wei hope pointing to 10 blue and white glaze porcelain told reporters, 15 years ago, he found his way to the collection of this batch of porcelain, there have been many island collectors can be bought, he flatly refused. This is the South China Sea water baby, reluctant to let them leave Hainan Island." Wei Xiwang said that now, the National Museum of the South China Sea is about to be completed, here will become the best destination for these ceramic water heater". "Let everyone see his style, to reflect their true value." Hainan pear Culture Research Association Zhang Zhiyang donated the "dragon" and a group of the Ming Dynasty copper ingot for National Museum of the South China sea. He believes that the construction of the National Museum of the South China Sea to donate artifacts, is a responsibility and obligation. "I hope to show the Marine Silk Road through the exhibits have been brilliant, showing the contribution of Hainan in history, so that future generations can understand the South China Sea through the South China Sea Museum, Hainan Island." He said. CPPCC National Committee, Hainan Olympic Garden Co., Ltd. Feng Chuanjian donated the South China Sea water.相关的主题文章: