For winter cough baby, these 8 kinds of food do not give him to eat! Mother child in winter – Sohu is easy to "cough" targeted, in order to treat cough repeatedly difficult, parents often take medicine, diet. What about the so-called "effective" ways to get rid of cough? Pay attention to the science of child care parents please note that a lot of food not only can not help the baby to restore health, on the contrary will make the baby’s condition becomes more serious; what food should not be given to the baby cough period? What food will increase the baby’s condition? Small branch and you have a good chat. The child coughs, eight kinds of diet! A bogey: when eating cold drinks or cold drinks Chinese medicine believes that once the body is cold, it will hurt the body’s lungs, and cough is mostly caused by lung disease. If at this time to eat cold drink, it is easy to cause lung occlusion, symptoms, time does not heal. At the same time, the number of sputum with spleen. Over eating cold food, will hurt the stomach, causing the spleen function decline. Tips: even if the baby is healthy, eat cold drinks in the winter is to pay special attention to. Specific hazards are as follows: 1, most of the cold drink is not easy to digest high-fat foods will reduce appetite. 2, ice cream to eat more fat baby will become more and more fat, thin baby more and more thin. 3, the baby excessive eating cold susceptible intussusception. Two bogey: fried food, Chinese medicine, cough, cough and lung heat, especially in children. The heat will produce Feiganhouwei eat diet food, aggravating cough. In addition, fried food should not eat. Because of deep fried food will increase the burden on the stomach, sputum production, the cough is difficult to heal. Tips: no matter when the baby is best to eat less fried foods. Because fried foods in the production process, the oil temperature is too high, will make the food contains a lot of vitamins are destroyed, so that the baby lost the opportunity to get vitamins from these foods. If the production of fried food when used in the past the remaining oil, which will contain more than and 10 kinds of toxic non volatile substances, is very harmful to human health. In addition, fried food is not easy to digest, easy to make the child’s stomach to produce a sense of fullness, thus affecting the baby’s appetite for other food intake, affecting the baby’s appetite. Avoid: fishy food cough baby cough in eating fishy foods will increase, and the smell of fish and shrimp to stimulate the respiratory tract and food allergy related protein. In particular, children with allergies, but should pay attention to avoid such foods. Tip: most people know to avoid coughing "matter", should not eat fishy fishy, the greatest impact on the "wind heat cough". The baby heat cough symptoms are: heat evil wind, phlegm, cough, shortness of breath, sticky or yellow, red throat thirsty, thin white fur or yellow etc.. Four bogey: sweet and sour food and food acid phlegm, phlegm is not easy to cough, cough refractory. Eat sweets will aggravate inflammation, the child is easy to cough for a long time. Tips: baby cough serious, watermelon, bananas, kiwi, apples, bananas, grapes and other fruits are not good to eat oh! Many people avoid: orange!相关的主题文章: