Free gift Xiongben bus card? Liar cheated to Tianjin to these two days, a limited edition Tianjin special bus card, Xiongben bear cartoon version free to send the news brush burst circle of friends. Many users forwarded message, hoping to get this free version of the Limited bus card. Such a good thing, is it true?…… Do you think why? Reporters to the Tianjin city card staff to verify that: Tianjin has not issued a Xiongben bus card, please do not believe the general public. In fact, not only in our Tianjin rumor – Search "Xiongben bear bus card, a lot of city country in Xi’an, Shanghai, rumor: Chongqing, Chengdu, Luoyang, Hangzhou, Dongguan…… Liar, why do you come to bully Xiongben bears? Cheater this is why? A suction powder, two for the participants’ personal information, in order to achieve the purpose of them not to be divulged. There is a bus card scam to beware of petty corruption! Beware of preferential transfer bus card new scam! City media earlier reported that some people reflect the usual use of Tianjin bus card suddenly locked. This is how to return a responsibility? It turned out that these bus cards are purchased from Taobao or circle of friends called the discount card, such as 260 yuan to buy the card, the face value of $300. Ms. Lee bought a card like this, just to use, but also the normal credit card by bus, subway, but suddenly the city card can not be used, credit card, credit card machine simply do not recognize". One person in charge of the city card, after testing, Ms. Lee’s city card was criminals to rewrite the card recharge data, that is, it is an illegal recharge card. "We conducted a review of the transaction data, found the abnormal situation, no card recharge records, but without increasing the balance of the card. Suspected of illegal recharge of the city card will be blacklisted, blacklisted, the system will freeze the use of the city card." Public security organs have been on the illegal recharge city card incident filing. In short, this so-called discount bus card, is a false recharge card criminals, will soon be able to check out! City card to remind the responsible person, the public should be through formal city card or prepaid card purchase outlets. At present, the regular outlets include: customer service center of Tianjin city card; bus, Metro Line 1 and line 9 recharge outlets; post office, Sinopec easyJet convenience stores, supermarkets, convenience, good harvest and generous love spring convenience stores, supermarkets, convenience supermarket Dapeng Huarun etc..相关的主题文章: