Fujian Longyan municipal Party committee secretary Li Dejin: to a new stage of building a new Longyan – Beijing, Beijing, Longyan, September 26, (Zhang Jinchuan) 26 morning, Longyan city Chinese party Fifth Congress opened in Fujian Longyan people’s hall. Li Dejin, Secretary of the CPC Longyan Municipal Committee, on behalf of the Fourth Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), made a report to the General Assembly on the issue of "a new step forward, the building of a new Longyan, and the efforts to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way". The report pointed out that in the past five years is to be enthusiastic and press on the five years. Longyan has organized ecological construction year, the project construction year, the project started landing, poverty alleviation, ecological and environmental protection, the three battles, wrote a new chapter in the development of Longyan. The main indicators of GDP, fixed asset investment, financial income, total retail sales of consumer goods, foreign trade and exports, the income of urban and rural residents to achieve two annual double-digit growth, per capita GDP exceeded $10 thousand; total fixed asset investment totaled 660 billion yuan, is 3.7 times the 11th Five-Year "period. The cultivation of non-ferrous metals, machinery, logistics and other 10 industries and billions of Longyan, Zijin mining, Zijin Copper 3 billions of enterprises. The picture shows the morning of 26, the Chinese Communist Party of Longyan in the opening of the Longyan Municipal People’s Congress on the opening of the fifth congress. Zhang Jinchuan. "We are in a general business, innovation era, a comprehensive well-off society and comprehensive poverty alleviation military order has been issued." Li Dejin said that in the next five years, we should be confident enough, enough to identify the time coordinate, condense all available resources, mobilize all available forces to break the bottleneck of development, create new way of development to a new level, the construction of new Longyan. Li Dejin said, to give full play to the red culture, Hakka culture and ecological resources, in order to supply side deep structural reforms to lay a good project landing, poverty alleviation, ecological and environmental protection "three campaign", to build the East Sha Zhangquan metropolitan area, West Extension in central and western hinterland tourism industry innovation, to speed up the construction of mechanism live, the new Longyan industrial advantages and rich people, ecological beauty, and strive to build a well-off society. The picture is the conference site. Photo by Zhang Jinchuan "scientific development orientation, the construction of innovative industrial tourism; to fully implement innovation driven, industry Singshih talents," three strategies "; to further lay a good project landing, poverty alleviation, ecological and environmental protection" three big battle "." Li Dejin pointed out that these three aspects of organic unity in our party to achieve a comprehensive well-off society in the process of various fields, through the economic and social development level, the implementation of all the work in the us to a new level, new construction in Longyan. Li Dejin stressed that the city should grasp the understanding of positioning, positioning, innovation as the core, with industry support, integration of cultural tourism, to create the embodiment of strength and vigor, highlight the charm, creative, innovative industrial tourism; to stabilize hoof walked quickly, long into work, the full implementation of the "three major strategies" the construction of innovative industrial tourism blueprint into reality; to boost the fighting spirit, fighting spirit, deeply hit "three campaign", meet the Soviet people too)相关的主题文章: