The Georgia militia training: Hilary was elected as Washington original title: American Georgia militia combat training said the response to the election of Hilary []: compile observer timed before the US presidential election less than a week’s time, the Hilary scandal suddenly flooded the Hilary camp was opened, but some conservatives to keep from talking about, the American system of people trust has been severely shaken. Local time on November 3rd, according to foreign media reports, in Georgia, there have been a group of militia armed groups, ready to deal with the United States after the general election may appear violent conflict. The commander of militia claimed that if Hilary is elected, they will march on washington. If anyone tries to collect their weapons, they will fire, and they will not fear death. However, the organization is currently only 276 people. According to the "Daily Mail" (Daily Mail) reported on November 3rd, in Georgia on a rural road, a group of members dressed in camouflage "three percent security forces" are for training and mobilization. They will carry out training rifles and melee combat training. Chris · (Chris Hill) shouted: "how many people voted for Trump?"" Under the militia shouted: "ooh-rah" (a special feature of the U.S. military, for the corresponding commander’s call). In 2016, the U.S. presidential election is the most divisive election in the memory of the people, many of the militia groups believe that Hilary will steal the election results in November 8th. They plan to prepare for a possible post election chaos. They said they weren’t going to take the first shot, but they weren’t going to leave their guns at home. Many people think that Trump’s election is provoking populism, and he has successfully agitate the militia leaders like Hill. Hill very much agree with the repatriation of illegal immigrants put forward by Trump, to prevent Muslims into the United States and in the Mexican border wall building policy. Trump repeatedly stressed that the election campaign has been "manipulated", and he has not made it clear that if he lost, he will accept the results of the election. There has been a militia claimed to be sent to monitor the election polling station. In recent years, fear of U.S. President Obama will threaten the right of citizens to hold the gun, weakening the power of local governments. As a result, the number of people in the United States is becoming more and more militia. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (Southern Poverty Law Center, the agency tracking) data show that the number of active militia has changed from 42 in 2008 to today’s 276 people. Hill told reporters: "this is our last chance to save the United states. We were surprised that I could stand Obama for eight years, and not crazy. But Hilary will make it harder for me." People every day set to the forests of southern Atlanta in the camp, they took turns automatic rifle shooting training. They can even shoot down a big tree with a rifle. The company operates independently, but they lost in a national organization Jun相关的主题文章: