"Grand track" Premiere "Yun Lin burning soul sword Wu refers to" plots of field legend entertainment Tencent directed by Guo Jingming, Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Chen Xuedong, Lin Yun, William Chan, Amber Kuo and other actors co starred in the movie "grand track" today officially meet with the audience. Last night, the director Guo Jingming with all the stars to attend the burning soul night Premiere of the film, with the audience to enjoy a large number of audience members of this national day stalls, and share the story behind the scenes fans. Premiere scene, the audience of the film’s unique way of shooting has a strong interest, especially for the film wonderful fantasy fighting scene is full of curiosity. Director Guo Jingming said, in order to shoot these scenes, the actors in the film to pay a great effort. Actor Lin Yun is exposing to shoot good play at the "daopi Wu refers to" set the fun, is a film of an interesting story "". The giant ice bow and Lin Yunshang have the magical ability to super rebirth has not shown "grand track" of the story happened in the fantasy world of swords and magic of each other, so the fight scenes with elements of magic elements of Oriental and Western martial arts. This is not only the requirements of the actor’s physical quality, but also requires the actors in the filming process must always keep in the brain hole wide open state. For the new generation of actor Lin Yunlai said, open the brain hole by her nature be nothing difficult, "the end of the day you spend diaoman Princess" hand called giant ice bow Horcrux, fighting only when the bows and arrows, magic will automatically appear, this set the advantage to let Lin Yunyou richly endowed by nature. In the martial arts instructor Xiong Xinxin under the direction, Lin Yun quickly entered the state, her sharp eyes, his face was a marksman style, a new image is affirmed by the audience. The end of the day you spend magic is not only reflected in the bow, according to the original set, she has a strong ability to regenerate the near immortal. In superhero movies, like wolverine, Deadpool often belongs to such a tall brave male role, when this ability is in great contrast and petite Lin Yun body, will present a different wonderful. Turning to the role of their own play, Lin said, in fact, the ability to spend a bunch of flowers come from her "lineage", "she is a natural aristocracy, the soul of the people. The role of a beginning or a dislike, more unruly and unreasonable, I hope you give me a little less in the release of the film after tucao." Lin Yun martial arts training into the realm of Ecstasy "daopi Wu means" field plots of story Magic Arrow through brain hole, but it is not a melee weapon can solve the brain hole. In the "grand track", Lin Yun and a large number of sword duel drama, the play did not experience it, is the real challenge. For these challenges, Lin Yun said the scene, had resorted to a "practice" tactic, in the filming process, even if only a moment of leisure, she will not stop practicing Xiong Xinxin taught martial arts tricks, not perfect so hard not to give up, the spirit of dedication also won the other crew and staff of a creative praise. But, in the course of practice, Lin Yun often because of a high degree of concentration, it will ignore the surrounding environment, staff would be her "selfless state"相关的主题文章: