Grandpa and grandma sued the underage granddaughter only divided dead son heritage – Beijing in early 2016, Dazhou Dalcheon District Bridge Wan Zhen Yuan uncle and aunt LAN in Yuanmou accompanied by his son down to the court and lawyer, Yizhisuzhuangjiang her teenage granddaughter Chen Qiu reported on the court, the reason was actually according to the segmentation die son Yuan Feng (a pseudonym) of the heritage…… Recently, the people’s court heard the case and made the first instance verdict. Yuan Feng and his wife back in 2002 by the court according to the law of divorce, born in 1999, Mouqiu married a girl living with her mother, later renamed Chen autumn. After the divorce, Yuan Feng did not remarry, and no other children. In May 13, 2015, Yuan Feng was rushed to the hospital due to illness, diagnosed as brainstem hemorrhage, cerebral hernia, pulmonary infection, Parkinson’s disease, after the rescue invalid died in May 19th. After his death, leaving the bank deposits of 8.8 yuan, for how to allocate the 88 thousand, the old man and the former daughter-in-law has been unable to reach an agreement, then sued to court, according to the law sentenced to two. Handling the case found that the legitimate heir to the death of Yuan Feng only three parents and daughters. In the distribution of the estate, the two old man advocated from the Yuan Yuan Feng Yuan hospitalization expenses of 12204 yuan and funeral expenses of $29241, the remaining three. The defendant believes that as parents have the obligation to help children, should not be deducted from the cost, and Yuan Feng should have other property. The defendant Yuan Feng children, not yet adult, reading also costs, priority should be given to minors. Dalcheon District People’s court held that the plaintiff and the defendant as the lineal relatives of the deceased Yuan Feng, both for the rescue duty, so the medical expenses should be three ways. As for the yuan uncle and aunt claims 29241 yuan funeral fee, it is not fully recognized, according to the previous year’s average monthly wage of workers to the total amount of $six for a total of $22848.5. Therefore, after deducting medical expenses and funeral expenses, Yuan Feng’s legacy is still more than 5.3 yuan. Because the plaintiff has other children to do their duty to support, and Chen autumn is not yet mature, should be given proper care, according to the law and sentenced uncle yuan and aunt were 28496 yuan, Chen Mouqiu. Peng Xueqin Huaxi City Reader reporter had industry相关的主题文章: