Guangdong Media: Orangemen battle group the midnight October war Syria Ukraine reality grab 4 points – national football sports Sohu battle group of third more reality this year in the 12 national football team and the last World Cup race of the 10 strong Asian game is very close to the Iran team, the South Korean team, the Uzbekistan team and Qatar team all four teams in the same group, just China team and the Syria team to replace the Lebanese team. The last round of 10, Iran and South Korea were 16 points and 14 points to qualify, the Uzbekistan team also got 14 points, because the goal difference less than South Korea 1 group third. The top 12 series and 10 finals 2 more games, the comprehensive two World Cup Asian zone 10 finals, the team before the two qualifying teams per game to get the score is 1.5~2.5. Therefore, in the round of 12 to the first two team to qualify, integral should be at least 15 points or more, and the 15 is likely to be the top two, with third teams. We can not because the first game after the South Korean team two goals, forced the Iran team did not have too many good opportunities, on the blind enough to believe that the strength of the country to win the South Korea, Iraq. You know, a lot of Gambling company for the national foot out of the top 12 games total score is only about 9.5 points! As coach Gao Hongbo said, this is the last leg of the country into the top 12, the ranking should be the last one, so there is no opponent in the same group we can despise, regardless of the host and guest. Clear understanding of the objective situation, and strive for the group of third, continue to go down to get the qualification, I am afraid that the country should be the foot of the first strategy should be a small target". October two key battles home must take 3 points! This country will be the first home court 12 of the race in Shenyang, the first thing to consider is to Shenyang from Korea close, then of course is "the psychological effect of land". It should be said that Shenyang is ready to work in all aspects of the game, but the most important thing is the problem of turf. Zhongyizhizhan, Olympic Sports Center soft turf, both players have emerged a large number of passing errors, especially good at play the ball "Military" had a negative impact. 12 strong matches each team has 5 home court game, each home court (including position) the advantages must be maximized, and this includes the day (weather), location (site), and others (fans and referee) all levels of detail. Therefore, the Chinese Football Association or to continue to study the home of the Raiders, there are 4 home, if the point of view from the point of view of the 15, these 4 games to grab at least 8 to 10 points! October, the national football team will be at home against Syria, then away challenge Uzbekistan. According to the current state of the initial strategy, these two games to win to get 4 points – home to Syria team must get a score of 3. Now the Super League has entered the final stage, the FA Cup, AFC Champions League also to the knockout stage, how to ensure the physical condition and health of October internationals? These also need the national security team and the club for more detailed communication and timely follow-up and solve problems.相关的主题文章: