Guangdong university dormitory students on campus more than and 200 formaldehyde exceed the standard formaldehyde exceed the standard news – Sohu still live students 23:56 on September 19th, one called the "sea 7364" students in the Sina micro-blog Post said he returned to the dormitory wash clothes, he spent two hours feeling dizzy, in the dormitory floor through the mask can smell the pungent odor. At this time the dormitory downstairs full of people, they can not return to the hostel. It is understood that these students are moved to the new dormitory building 30. 30 dormitory buildings built in August 19th of this year through the school’s acceptance, at that time the school construction department said: building materials, decoration materials and other issues are carried out in strict accordance with specifications, on-site random sampling are qualified. In August 26th, 20, 21, who lived in more than 1000 students moved to 30 new dormitory buildings, some students told reporters reflect, moved into the dormitory smelled a pungent odor, dormitory bed, office buildings are new. In this case, the students entrusted by Guangzhou city Tianhe District environmental home information consulting service center "the examination, test results show that: the indoor formaldehyde concentration is 0.6 mg per cubic meter, exceeding 0.08 milligrams per cubic meter of nearly ten times the standard, testing conclusion for moderate to severe pollution. Regardless of the health of the students in the school, so that students moved into the newly built dormitory, and poor air quality in the dormitory, formaldehyde concentration can not stay. There are many students want to try not to live in the school, still living in the new 30 dormitory students are afraid of health will be jittery, after the problem." A micro-blog called "classmate Xiao FLY" private letter told reporters.相关的主题文章: