Guangxi to promote the major water conservancy projects and a number of major projects during the year is expected to start in Nanning Guangxi daily news (reporter Xie Caiwen) reporter learned from the water resources department of the autonomous region, since this year, Guangxi major water conservancy projects push forward, become an important force driving the economic development of Guangxi. On the one hand, pay close attention to in the construction of Datengxia project construction progress. At the end of August, in the construction of major water conservancy projects this year has completed an investment of nearly 5 billion 800 million yuan. Datengxia hydro dam on the left bank of the full implementation of the project, lock body, dam and reservoir area resettlement work to accelerate, a total investment of 6 billion 953 million yuan, accounting for 19.5% of the total budget of 35 billion 700 million yuan, of which 2016 year completed 2 billion 525 million yuan, accounting for 62.3% of the annual target task. Fall into the library Road, long water conservancy diversion tunnel and open channel, the land acquisition work has been completed, to carry out the closure after flood season, a total investment of 1 billion 176 million yuan, accounting for 43.7%, of which 2016 year completed 736 million yuan, accounting for 102% of the annual target task. Guangxi and drought Letan project canal through a comprehensive, 22 tributaries comprehensive project implementation of irrigation area of 108 thousand acres, a total investment of 1 billion 990 million yuan, accounting for 75% of the total investment estimate, the 2016 annual 176 million yuan; the two phase of the project – the ancient high mirror tunnel is accelerating the implementation, has completed an investment of 240 million yuan, accounting for the annual target of 44%. Guilin Lijiang River flood control and water control project of the Yangtze River, Rong Jiang Reservoir has been built to play a benefit, the axe dam has been pouring into the height of 270 meters, a total investment of 4 billion 760 million yuan, accounting for a total budget of 86.5%, of which 2016 annual 510 million yuan. Yongning water conservancy project has completed an investment of 1 billion 140 million yuan this year, accounting for the annual target task of 76%. On the other hand, vigorously promote the prophase work of Tuoying reservoir and irrigation area and a number of major water conservancy projects. Tuoying reservoir and irrigation project is one of the 20 major water-saving projects this year to start the construction of the requirements of the State Council, intends to start the project into the library road is carrying out the bidding work, is expected to start before the end of the October. Foreign research report in addition to the resettlement of land and water, other parts have been completed, the feasibility study and approval of the 22 elements are being dealt with.相关的主题文章: