Small woman late at night and went to see the sea both from 20 meters high into the sea rescue after 2 hours, Chen and friends finally out of danger. Chen is the border officers to send a banner to Taiwan News Network September 11th according to dongnanzaobao reports, guy and friends to see the sea, a friend accidentally fell into the sea, to save the boy injured ribs, but fortunately encountered border officers timely rescue, two people to retrieve their lives. 8, this guy will be printed with "time out of the police rescue the masses" banner to Taiwanese Investment Zone XiuTu border police officers and soldiers continue to hand, thanks to the help of grace. The evening of August 26th, Chen and friends to show Miss Wang Tu Cun for dinner, after dinner, they listen to the friend said that there was a bridge in the bridge on the beach, watching the Quanzhou bridge scenery is very good, two people will go to play. Two people walk on the edge of the broken bridge, Miss Wang accidentally slipped, 20 metres from the bridge fell into the sea, Chen immediately rushed to jump down, the chest hit the rocks, broken ribs, could not move. The next day at 1 pm, XiuTu border police officers patrolling at night via the incident near, heard faint cries for help, see Chen and Wang found the mother struggling to help. For a time when the night can’t see them, but the bridge and sea surface height of nearly 20 meters, and the surrounding without any obvious fixtures, only by virtue of a cry for help to judge the personnel in distress position, officers and soldiers immediately through communication with a megaphone in distress, to appease their emotions. Dispatch boats over time is too long, and fear of drowning tourists tired, border officers then and then rushed to the fire brigade rescue equipment will be dropped from the deck, and fixed on the body of persons in distress, they will take turns to pull two people. 2 hours later, the two were finally transferred to the bridge deck. Rescued Chen, on the day of the incident broke a rib and was admitted to the hospital. Thanks to his assistance and border officers, he was discharged early making a silk banner, and personally delivered to the XiuTu border police station, to rescue his night even Weichao police hands. "I’ve never met such a thing in my life, and I’m so scared." Chen said. Recently many people went to the bridge to play, especially last night, the Quanzhou Bay Bridge Bridge from the angle view. The police suggested that the bridge is safe shabby, the night light is very dim, greater security risks, try not to play.相关的主题文章: