Ha Long Bay, Drunken Beauty of the time you have. Sohu – tourism cruises sitting here, arrived at the Ha Long Bay, known as the "sea of Guilin", the best way to travel is to travel by boat, the boat wandering in the sunny weather, as if in the middle picture. Vietnam · Ha Long Bay travel, photography micro-blog @ Wu Qiuhuang Ha Long Bay is located in the western part of the northern Gulf, is a bay in northern Guangning Province, beautiful scenery. Scenic area is divided into East, West, south 3 creek. Because of its scenery similar to the Guilin Scenery of China. The difference is that there is no Guilin and the Lijiang River, Ha Long Bay is a sea landscape. Ha Long Bay Guilin is magnificent magnificent, exquisite exquisite. Fellow guys, such a landscape, someone to share with you is the most beautiful time. Chinese people travel to Vietnam, generally go to Ha Long Bay, Ha Long Bay has thus won a "sea of Guilin" title. Ha Long Bay and Guilin do have something in common, for example: they are all limestone erosion by water and the Karst landform. Knew in Vietnam have been included in the world natural heritage list Landscape — Ha Long Bay, but now Longwan appeared in front of me, I was deeply shocked: the endless blue sea spreading from the sea stands a stone that is in different poses and with different expressions of peak, peak, can also be seen as the island there are trees, shrubs, with lingering. Vietnam Ha Long Bay in fall, still remain in the sunny summer in Ha Long Bay cruise pictures but the most beautiful. The temple cave, a trip to Ha Long Bay, not to be missed attractions, unique Karst cave landscape, all sorts of strange things stalactites. This cave in many, but the temple cave than many places, not too much light modification, but more is shocking! The hole in the wood Island, consists of three hole. There are millions of years after the formation of colorful and diverse nature, the giant stone milk, and especially the dragon image and highly w.ing legend of the cultural connotation. From ancient folklore. It is characterized by an ancient and quiet beauty. The hole outside a large basin, which looks like a painting and architecture art has a combination of brilliant dance field. The middle and inner hole are colorful, huge majestic, beautiful stone stone milk. In the light of the light, the stone milk suddenly shone with a diamond luster. I think I am old, there is a slow-witted old urchin.相关的主题文章: