Have to spray the BMW M4 GTS, legal conversion actually worth 1 million – car Sohu Chengdu auto show of whether you like a raging fire, is concerned with the new car market, car or car, you will be impressed by the cars or people. I am no exception, of course, attracted my attention is not the model but the BMW M4 GTS. The launch of the Chengdu auto show M4 GTS, no matter how I look at a late modified BMW M4. According to the official statement, this car is BMW’s top performance version of the model, the global limit of 700. Price 1 million 990 thousand, BMW you this is teasing me? Why do I say BMW is funny? Let’s make a comparison. 2016 M4 now priced at 1 million 20 thousand. 3.0L twin turbo inline six cylinder engine with M4 GTS, the difference is that GTS than the ordinary version of the big horse power of 50. So the problem came 1 million to buy a 50 horsepower, and a lot of later parts. 20 thousand and 1 horsepower! Mom babos converted 10 thousand 1 HP, you more expensive? Say it’s outrageous price, we have to think about why BMW will call such a high price. Nothing more than the official legal modification, in the domestic modification is illegal behavior is also well-known. BMW is relying on the official legal conversion with limited gimmicks, selling two million M4. Zhou Guan fire not allowed to do anything, whether you agree or oppose it. After all, the former legitimate, the latter illegal. I can think of buying this car BMW M4 GTS is the only place is: when the police check your car, you can take this road, unashamedly shouted my brother is legal conversion on the road! 2 million legitimate modified BMW M4 GTS you buy not buy it? Anyway, I don’t buy it, if I choose 2 million NISSAN GT-R (3.8T V6 twin turbo 540 HP) refit. I hope that our motherland will be able to make a day of modification of the culture of the sun! Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been lined up, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: