Hangzhou Beltway this holiday traffic rose 30% in a single day also hit a new high yesterday, reporters from the provincial comprehensive transportation emergency command center learned that during the National Day holiday, the province’s highway passenger volume of 23 million 358 thousand passengers, down 21.9%; railway passenger volume of 5 million 548 thousand and 700 passengers, an increase of 36.9%; civil aviation passenger volume of 1 million 91 thousand and 100 passengers, an increase of 12.4%. Today, the city is not limited to the scenic spots this year during the National Day holiday, West Lake six consecutive days to occupy the country’s top scenic spots list, as of last night, the total tourist area of up to 4 million 907 thousand and 400 visitors. West Lake scenic section of the road average speed of 35.6 km, of which Nanshan Road, near the town of Yang for nearly 40 kilometers, have reached the best level of efficiency in recent years. October 1st to 6, the Huanglong Sports Center, Xixi paradise total transfer vehicles 20850 trips, bus departure frequency 1437 times, transfer tourists 44686 passengers, compared with last year’s National Day holiday increased by 20.2%, 2%, 41.6%. In addition, in September 30th 0 to October 6th 24, Hangzhou city highway traffic flow up to 2 million 90 thousand times, compared with the National Day holiday last year rose about 30%. Among them, the September 30th one-day flow record up to 327 thousand times. This autumn tourism season traffic organization measures implemented since September 24th, the National Day holiday to continue to implement the West Lake scenic road, single and double limit line of high emission vehicles limit line measures, the West Lake scenic area south road single cycle time is extended to 9 at night. Meanwhile, the traffic police focus on the implementation of the designated location of tourist bus passengers and parking measures. Traffic efficiency and traffic order along the Lake Road and Qianjiang new city main road traffic has greatly improved. October 1st to 6, the city police departments to investigate traffic violations more than 9; compared with the same period last year, the city’s traffic accident deaths decreased by 53.85%, the traffic safety situation is generally stable. Today is the first day of work after the national holiday, today and tomorrow (Saturday, Sunday) the urban road without staggering limit line traffic management measures, West Lake scenic road is not the implementation of the single and double limit line measures. The railway sent 2 million 179 thousand and 300 passengers to Xiaoshan International Airport, the National Day holiday, the passenger flow distribution generally show a steady trend, flights were taking off and landing 4892 sorties, an increase of 5.9%; protect the passengers out of Hong Kong about 672 thousand passengers, an increase of 11.4%; the protection of International (regional) holiday passenger traffic reached 74 thousand passengers. In September 30th and October 1st, the airport passenger peak ushered in the holiday, daily traffic reached 102 thousand and 900 passengers and 100 thousand and 100 passengers; after a slight decline, the holiday passenger kept a daily average of 96 thousand passengers, there is no obvious fluctuation, the end of the holidays is not the same as in previous years, the obvious return peak passenger flow. In addition, the international line is more abundant. This year, Hangzhou airport passenger to travel, the national day to visit flow is given priority to, from domestic passenger flows, mainly concentrated in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Sanya, Xi’an, Chengdu, Xiamen, Guilin, Kunming and other traditional hot country.相关的主题文章: