[happy trip] crayfish – first shrimp polygamous life shop – Sohu and monogamy has been implemented for many years, our logical thinking is that one to one, but the restaurant today in the crayfish has a polygamous happy life. It is surrounded by Qingyuan chicken, mutton, sirloin, crab, frog, 60, flower lo, Tan head and ribs. It is a passionate crayfish, harem that is all in the minds of people only: only the best of the crayfish. Forget in which article read, life is a chance encounter, there is always an invisible line in the traction, in the vast sea of humanity, the chance to meet a lot of different people and things. I don’t know is that memory is good or bad, will always encounter a lot of deja vu. For example, a few days ago, and a few old friends, they asked me to go to the Zhongshan Road West, No. 1112 of the first shop to eat crayfish shrimp. The original is the new decoration of the time-honored crayfish, both in what place, what changed the name, will cause a large number of the diners sought. Newly renovated shop, the environment is very elegant oh. Even the gloves are changed into such a sealed packaging, very clean and sanitary oh. {well, it is a blind crayfish fate will} [] when crayfish shrimp fishing village goose encounter selection of Qingyuan goose, she will become a delicious Goose Village shrimp soup, spicy flavor. The two is the two category of growth in the water, in the spicy pot again, they all put their exhaust all the skills, the crayfish is tender and delicious goose their meat is delicious, not greasy fragrance filling out characteristics. [sheep] shrimp fishing fate is really too wonderful for words, here, also encounter a crayfish in the mountain sheep stocking. Dongshan goat, the breath of fresh air, drink is the heaven and earth, never eat feed, born in the days of Dongshan sheep. Understand the lamb knows that there is a great difference between the grass and sheep eat feed essence, eat feed sheep 1 years can slaughter, but grazing sheep need 1.5 years. A push, a careful cultivation, meat have what is the difference? Think you know. Lobster flavor and fragrance lamb with a seamless heavenly robe. It is made of spicy taste, very fresh mutton stew, let a person can’t stop chopsticks […] shrimp fishing treat selected Qingyuan chickens, chicken stew up enough Laoshen, fragrant and tasty. Here, not only the occasional goose crayfish, also can encounter many choices as possible, for example Qingyuan chicken, mutton, sirloin, crab, frog, 60, flower lo, Tan head and ribs. This is a fate of the restaurant, held all kinds of dating do for crayfish, can monogamy, polygamy can also choose. The price is very affordable, you can choose a small component (lobster 1 pounds, 1 pounds in a (auxiliary) lobster 2 kg, 1 kg of large (auxiliary) 4 pounds of lobster, auxiliary 1 pounds) can choose to taste spicy, spicy, garlic, chives and pepper and lemon three, unfeeling. Crayfish, really happy! {shrimp fishing rinse the dishes.相关的主题文章: