Has your application arrived yet? Hainan Shentong express company warehouse explosion piled to the Hainan headquarters of STO road cargo warehouse explosion, people reflect: express more heap into the road! The company responded: the typhoon caused the backlog of goods is to remove a huge backlog of STO express the Southern Metropolis Daily News October 22nd (reporter Wang Ziyao photo coverage) 22 days, Haikou citizens Ms. Lin (Surname) reflect to the Southern Metropolis Daily, said in Haikou Hao Xiang Jie in Hainan STO Corporation on the sidewalk outside, all kinds of express piled up, there are a lot of staff sit on the roadside, once after pedestrian impact. 22 afternoon, the reporter went to visit the Hainan STO corporation. In the company of a warehouse building in front of the door, the reporter saw the backlog of shipments has occupied a warehouse in front of more than ten meters wide position in most of the space, leaving only a few narrow channels for people to express and pass, the packing height has the same height and normal people. And on the other side of the warehouse, there have been into the warehouse cargo area of shipment shipment of large freight vehicles. According to the staff, all kinds of parcels here will be sent to the provinces and cities in the province, has been a backlog of more than a few hundred. "The reason why the accumulation of so much express, mainly because some time ago by Typhoon" Sally Scarlett "influence days of shipment backlog in the port of Haian, to restore navigation in 19 days after the Qiongzhou Strait, the number of short influx of express has exceeded our daily express throughput. In addition, the typhoon hippocampus on Guangdong and other places also have an impact on transportation, a lot of Island Express is also stagnant." STO official told reporters in Hainan Corporation, "our sorting area on the first floor of the warehouse, because there is too much amount of goods, only a short period of time the warehouse piled up in the open space outside. The impact on the surrounding residents, we are very sorry." The official said that at present the company has the express mail sorting personnel into full employment sorting work, after the company’s transportation in detention will also express 2-3 days delivery to the recipient, and the company warehouse door before shipment backlog within 23 days completely removed.相关的主题文章: